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After jeongin pulled seungmin harshly from the crowd he pushed him to a room shutting the door hard which made seungmin flinch.

"Are u crazy huh are u!!!"

Jeongin shouted at the older pinning him on the wall which scared the older he never saw the younger this angry before why was he tho?..

"I was just confessing...then minho came and started the fight"

"Will if u didn't fucking confess this would never happen Seungmin he doesn't like u get it in your head why can't u love me like i do!!"

Jeongin shouted which made the older froze..

He likes me?....since when...seungmin thought..

Honestly seungmin just wanted to leave right now he couldn't take it he knew he doesn't like the younger but why does he feel so soft right now?

"Sorry jeongin... I can't..i love jisung alot.."

Seungmin said and the younger immediately looked at him..

"Jisung this jisung that.. fucking shut up I can't stand you anymore all you think about is jisung and only jisung and what huh...jisung doesn't like you he likes minho stop this stop!! Just move on love someone else...love me like i do i fought for you i tried everything to make you love me but in the end what huh..you still choose jisung"

Jeongin said his voice cracking he felt heartbroken right now.

"Just shut up jeongin you know nothing"

The older said glaring at the younger but the younger didn't care and smashed his lips on seungmim's kissing him roughly..

Soft lips..it taste good..why can't i pull away I want this to last forever why do i always feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating fast with jeongin but not with jisung?

Do i love jeongin..

Maybe I can start loving him... Seungmin thought.

"Hyung...please let me help you.."

"Jeongin..maybe i can love you...maybe we cam start over"

Seungmin said smiling widely and the younger returned the smile with a soft and gentle kiss

"Hyung...i love you.."

This is soooo shorttt I'm sorry i was gonna make it longer but i ran out of ideas..

Sorryyy and hope u enjoyed

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