Late Night Movies

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I couldn't wipe the huge smile off of my face after meeting my team. I still hold my winning streak after going against every last one of the sixteen boys at least once. Although, most of them demanded a rematch and I granted all of the requests.

Can't leave my fans dangling.

I swear I even slept with that stupid grin on my face last night. My mom called again this morning and she could sense something was up. So I explained the huge home the team manager lived in and all of the boys with detail but I left out the parts with them hitting on me.

But during my morning jog Ben crossed my mind and I still am curious about what his team was like, then again, those are our rivalries were talking about. Our teams first practice is tomorrow and I've been planning certain drills in my head all day.

"Rachel!" My coworker shouts shaking my train of thought.

What now? "Kerren," is all I reply with a glare.

"I've been saying your name for the past three minutes. I need you to lock up for me tonight." She says with an attitude.

"First of all," I hold up one finger, "you need to learn to ask nicely, "second," I hold up a second finger, "why would I do that for you?" I snicker and hold up a third finger, " third, why in the world do you need to leave earlier than you were planning to?" I ask suspiciously.

"First, please close up shop for me? Second, I'll pay you plus all you have plans for tonight is curl up watching that soccer movie you like and eat like a fat ass as always. And third, my mother called and needs me." She looks at me and thins her lips into a straight line.

Gasping I reply, "Kicking and Screaming is a great movie. You make me sound like a lazy person. But I'll do it." I shrug.

"Yeah and probably spend the extra money on more food." I roll my eyes as she walks away swaying her hips.

Yeah I'll spend my pay on food. But in my defense, I run in the mornings and work out so I'm in good shape. Take that Kerren.

I don't like people who make fun of my way of life.

I work at the movie theater across the street from my apartment building to pay for my apartment. My roommate moved out last summer leaving me to fend for myself. I wish I could just be a soccer coach but no, I have to hold up online classes and two jobs at the same time. My parents insist on me moving back in but there is no way I'm moving back into the chaos cave. No way.

I hate locking up the theater. It's empty and dark with tons of dark empty rooms and hallways everywhere. Like think about a being in a movie theater- now think of it with all the lights off but the concession stand and no people in it.

It's a horror movie waiting to happen.

It closes at midnight tonight and that creeps the living hell out of me. "Its nine thirty. I'll be leaving in a half an hour."

Two hours. Alone. Dark. Scary. Aw shoot.

"Got it!" I yell back to her as she turns off a light to one of the hall supply closets.

"You need to get a boyfriend," she mumbles as she walks past me holding a broom and dust pan.

"And why may that be?" I ask offended.

"You're scared."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not!" I protest.

She smiles, "what ever you say."

"Even if I was," I pause, "which I'm not! How would having a boyfriend help that." Saying it more as a statement than a question.

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