I turned and sprinted through the woods towards the main house. They were close to catching up to me. I looked at the house and one of the sitting room windows were wide open. I kept running towards the house as if I was going to go through the back door.

A hand to my left tried to grab me. I spin around and dashed to my right and dove through the window. I heard a thud against the house accompanied with grunts and curses.

Chuckling I looked at my grandfather holding my youngest sister. He had a surprised look on his face. He stood swiftly all the while not waking the toddler in his arms. He walked past me and looked at his sons grumbling trying to get out if the mud without slipping again.

"Your mother is going to kill you fools." Vincent shook his head chuckling.

I walked up the stairs to my room and stripped off my clothing. I showered and washed my hair quickly. While still wet I add creme in my hair then grab my blow dryer. I've wanted to cut this mane but my mother would probably beat me.

I walk into my closet and grab a white long sleeve and some jeans. I put on my black Nikes. Grabbing the picture I put it in the bag and hide it behind my suit rack in my closet. A bang on my door causes my head to turn.

"You better open this door before I fight you" yelled a small voice.

I opened my door and quickly snatched up the five year old. She squealed in my arms. I kissed her forehead and looked at her.

 "Weren't you supposed to be taking a nap

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"Weren't you supposed to be taking a nap. You were just sleep with granddad." I brushed down her curls.

"Nope daddy and papa came in making a lot of noise. They was dirty and says ye was being bad and mean. So I came up here to whoop you for dem." She stated.

"Oh no. Please don't. Ill be good. " I pouted at her scowling face.


"Yes Mal. Ill be good." I kissed her cheeks and pinky promised.

"Ok den. Lets go mommy is about to open presents." She squealed. I adjusted her to my hip, grabbed the present and walked down the steps. Going into the basement it was all set up for moms birthday.

Looking at the overly stuffed couch I see mom sitting there unwrapping a gift from aunt holly. Both of my dads are sitting on either side. They were my favorite couple. I remember when dad told me that mom literally kicked his ass not being with her during the first two years. Yeah he fucked up big time but mom still accepted him back. At least now we know mom got them hands. And she has shown they are rated E for everyone.

"Daddy!! Papa!! I made Colin promise no to be mean tu you again." Mal shouted drawing gunner and Ian attention. They both stared at me with narrowed eyes. My mom looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey there are my babies." Lisa gushed.

Walking up I Ivy out the way and sat at my moms feet. Mal was in my lap as I handed her the bag. She opened it up and her smile got wider. Inside was a pair of red bottoms, a rolex, diamond ankle bracelet, Amazon gift card, cheesecake factory gift card, and the picture.

She she sat the back down and held nother but the picture. I was her on her dads shoulders as a little girl. Her lips trembled and a few stray tears fell. She looked at me then leaned forward and brushed my hair from my face. She looked at me as if though my face wasn't littered with scars and like I was simple perfect. Blood or not this woman was my mother.

"This is the best gift ever. Thank you sweetie." Lisa leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

"Ok mommie now its time for food. I'm hungry!!" Mal whined. Mom just rolled her eyes.

"Jesus Maleficent, you're just as fat as your daddies." Mom picked her up and started walking towards the table along with everyone else.

Smiling I turned around and came face to face with my dads.

"You may have won this time but just wait till Christmas boy" they both chuckled.

"Game on old mans." I smiled.


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