Principal of the thing x reader

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Thank you MadameLunaOuO for requesting this! Credit to the artist who made this drawing above. Also sorry if I didn't get the name of the requester right.

You were running in the hall, trying to get away from the insane teacher aka Baldi. You made him mad by telling him that you got rid of all of his lipstick, taking it as a joke because you never knew he wore lipstick. Of course, Playtime had to stop you in your tracks so you had to skid to a stop in front of the small partially blind girl. "Let's Play!!!" You shook your head no, trying to find a way to escape Playtime. You knew you couldn't go back the other way because Baldi was right behind you, smacking his ruler against his palm. You still wonder how that doesn't hurt his palm everytime he slaps it against his palm. You were blocked. The bully was in one of the escape hallways and Baldi was in the other hallway coming up to you. You gave in and played jump rope with Playtime, which made her smile in glee. 

Principal's POV

I walked through the halls, hoping to find where that smacking sound was coming from. Suddenly I came to the scene of the everything. Baldi having (Y/N) pinned to the floor, about to smack him/her. "Mr. Baldimore! What in world do you think you are doing?!" Baldi looked up at me, anger written all over his face. "This disrespectful student of mine insulted me!" I had Gotta Sweep take Baldi away from (Y/N) and I then picked (Y/N) up, carrying them like they were a baby. 

No one's POV

Principal carried (Y/N) to his office, where then he snuggled them and kissed them all over the face, which caused (Y/N) to blush. "Stop it Mr. Principal" (Y/N) kept trying to get the principal to stop kissing his/her face. Soon Principal stopped, which made (Y/N) sigh in relief. Then suddenly he/she felt even more warmth, which confused them. Principal had put a fluffy blanket over the two of you. (Y/N) purred happily, making the principal chuckle and go back to cuddling you.

Awww that was fun to write but a bit sketchy cuz I wrote this in school and the teacher could easily see it but I don't care, I got it done and over with so now I can stay guilt free for a bit until I go home then all hell breaks loose. But still, thank you MadameLunaOuO for  requesting this and no I wasn't trying to avoid this, I was just busy but it is complete for you guys. Have a nice day everyone!  


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