Chapter 5: The Case of the Red Necklace

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1st Unit - The Queen

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We sat in the cab waiting as it travels north to St. Bart's hospital. Anderson was with us now, he sat next to the cabbie whilst I and Sherlock sat beside each other not bothering to talk, until now.

'You know I still don't like what you're trying to do.' I said softly enough for Anderson not to hear.

'I don't care if you like it or not. None of that matter to me.' He replied in the same tone as he continued looking out his window whilst his elbow rested on the edge of the car window.

'Don't you ever feel like you're being an utter arsehole?' I asked him still clearly frustrated by everything he was trying to do. 'I hear that all the time but I just can't be bothered to listen to their nonsense.' He replies still on the same position.

I just couldn't believe this man. First, he got me into trouble by bringing me to his case, then he broke into my flat asking for things, and now he offers me a job with him? He is just bullocks. He wouldn't even speak about it, making it very confusing on why e is doing all this.

'Shut up.' He says quite loudly catching my attention.

'I didn't say anything.' I said as my blood started to boil.

'I wasn't talking to you. Stop thinking about her Anderson, don't you think you've had enough with Agent Donovan, and for the love of God, she isn't even an inch close to like you.' He said as clear annoyance trailed his voice, I looked over to him just to see the trace of annoyance in his face, his jaw was clenched and his brows were knitted together.

I chose not to talk but looking through the rare view mirror and seeing Anderson's reaction was priceless. Our ride continued for another quiet minute as we finally came close to the hospital. Anderson paid for our ride whilst I follow Sherlock inside the hospital. 'Husband of the victim, lives in Yorkshire but made the wrong choice to live here, why?' Sherlock blurts out mid-way through the hospital.

'To have a new life?' I said quite unsure. Yes, I am smart, but I am still trying to adjust on making my intellect known to others, especially since he now knows that I was an agent.

'Oh come on. You could do better than that. And please stop implying yourself on the context, it's annoying.' He replies as we walked past some corridors.

'Ok, probably running away?' I tried again, trying my best to ignore his input.
'There we go, you're getting it. The question is what or who are they running from.' He says as he opens the door at the end of a very narrow corridor. The first thing to be noticed whilst entering this room was its plain concrete walls and the two-way mirror. It was like an interrogation room of some sort. As we entered the room, we were met by a man sitting by one end of the table.

'Hello, Mr Hales, Scotland Yard representative.' Anderson (whom I've almost forgotten was there) said holding up his badge.

The man stood up and shook hands with us one-by-one as we greeted him politely, presenting our names, of course, We then sat face-to-face with him, whilst Anderson was asked to wait outside by Sherlock. 'So, Mr Hales. A good wife was she?' Sherlock stated briefly starting off the discussion. 'Definitely. Loves our children dearly.' Replied the man as he looks down on his fiddling hands. As I looked at the man, it was only then I've completely noticed him. He wore a suit as if to go to work, his hair was beautifully done, but he had circles under his eyes, he was mildly tan, with a dark blue pair of eyes. 'Tell me, why did you have to leave Yorkshire?' Sherlock then said going right straight to his point.

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