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OPHIUCHUS WAS AT IT AGAIN, UP TO HER USUAL TRICKS. The serpent bearer sign was usually the one to torment her siblings, which made all of the other signs rather irritated. That day, Ophiuchus was annoying and pestering the water bearer, Aquarius. The girl was doing nothing but watching over her children on a screen that was presented to her when Ophiuchus used a snake to scare her to the floor. Aquarius was never one to tell her siblings that Ophiuchus was being a trickster again, but she had to that day.

Aquarius approached Capricorn and Sagittarius, and both of the signs told her that they needed to talk to Ophiuchus and explain that she needed to stop what she was doing. But when the other twelve signs approached the serpent bearer, the colorful-haired sign ignored her siblings and continued on to torment the others.

That was when the thirteenth sign began to break their rules.

The Signs of the Zodiac were expected to take care of their children and watch them, making sure that the horoscopes were accurate for the month. But when a sign decided not to attribute to the work that needed to be done, the balance was broken and something needed to be changed.

So, when Ophiuchus was fast asleep in the chamber of the Serpent Bearer, the other twelve came together to discuss the other Zodiac. Pisces didn't want to have to talk about the Zodiac behind her back, but she was growing furious with the immaturity that Ophiuchus was displaying, as well as her not doing her job. Everyone had a job to do, and the Zodiacs believed that everyone needed to do what they were expected to do.

And that wasn't what Ophiuchus was doing.

All of the Zodiacs were gathered in the meeting hall behind their symbols, organized in no particular order. Pisces stood in between Aquarius and Aries, her hands resting on the podium in front of her. She glanced around her siblings, biting down on her lower lip nervously. The Zodiac attempted to think positively about the situation at hand, think about how they could get Ophiuchus to straighten herself out and retake her place. But she knew that they couldn't control Ophiuchus and her decisions to torment her siblings.

Taurus inhaled deeply as he glanced over his siblings, giving them a small nod before he began to speak, "Now, there's no need to say why it is that we all decided to come together, we all know that we are here to discuss our sister, Ophiuchus."

"Yeah, she's getting out of line!" The Gemini twins shouted bitterly, causing all of the other Zodiacs to turn to the two of them. "Look, we've given her more than enough chances, there is no need for us to give her more time to torment us."

"But Ophiuchus is our sister," Libra chimed in, giving all of the other signs a look. "We need to convince her to do her job and respect the rest of us. We need to maintain harmony in this situation and unite rather than divide."

Scorpio scoffed, "Ophiuchus isn't going to listen to us. We've spoken to her about her tricks and endless bouts of torment. There's no other way to stop her then come together to push her out."

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