Simon’s POV

I can’t believe Amanda left I finally found the letter for Nathan Amanda was talking about. Everyone was downstairs I walked over to Nathan and gave him the 2 page letter from Amanda. I told everyone I had got the private jet ready for we could go to New York. They questioned me but when I told them that Amanda had planned an interview with Anderson and he invited all of us to be there. We went to the airplane and Nathan was super down he kept on  looking at the pictures Amanda has taken with him and kept on reading the letter she has sent him. We kept on listening to her playlist and he kept on crying every 10 minutes.

Nathan’s POV

I can’t believe she left again I don’t want her to get hurt. And she left again I can’t believe it. I want her back in my arms again I miss her so much all I’m doing is listening to her music and seeing her pictures. I love her so much.

Niall’s POV

I don’t know how I’m going to forgive myself. Amanda and I have gotten really close. Now that she left I miss her I think everyone miss her everyone just keeps on looking at the pictures of her and I’m waiting to get over to New York to be with Amanda.

Harry’s POV

Ugh this plane ride is taking forever i wanna see Amanda’s smile her brilliant smile, hear her awesome laugh, see her wave hair flow in the breeze. I want her to be mine but I now that won’t happen cuz Nathan was going out with her but when something happens between him and Amanda I’ll be there to help her out. I wish she was her.

Louis’s POV

I ordered Amanda’s favorite pie, grasshopper pie its more for an Irish fellow but it was Amanda’s favorite so I decided to have it as a snack when the guys saw what I was eating they all decided to eat it.

Ugh we are so close.

Liam’s POV

Ugh this pie is amazing ya we are getting off the plane and we are going to find her we now nothing after a full rest of the day looking for her we decided to just see her tomorrow and I can’t wait.

Zayn’s POV

We all got dressed and got ready at 3 o clock we went to the Anderson studios we were ready and finally it started.

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