TJ's identity crisis (2)

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*. *. *.

"We're here Darkliptor."
Andros and I raced towards the menacing figure, standing guard in front of three of our friends.
"What took you so long? And where is the Blue Ranger?"
"It's just us two this time." I called as we charged simultaneously. Andros leapt forwards first, placing a punch to Darkliptor's chest only to be caught with the blade of his sword.
Andros tumbled to the floor in a flurry of red and I gasped, reaching an arm backwards as I kept my eyes on Darkliptor who stepped towards me menacingly.
"You would already be frozen if you're friend hadn't intervened. But he's not here to help you this time."
I gritted my teeth at the mention of TJ.
With a surprising surge of energy, Andros launched himself at Drakliptor and, after a moments hesitation I followed. My brain was whirring as I dodged and deflected darkliptor's blade while trying to overpower him by working together with Andros who had sustained damage.
It was after we had both sustained sharp blows to the stomach that we backed away. I struggled to slow my breathing to a normal pace while Andros beside me clutched his side.
I grabbed his arm firmly enough to stop him racing back towards darkliptor and murmured to him,
"We have to work together if we're going to help our friends."
Andros nodded.
"Let's do this."
Initially, I distracted darkliptor, spinning round so that his back was to Andros and his focus was on me. Unfortunately it meant that both his blades were also on me and I strained to defend myself. He was much stronger than I'd anticipated. However, before he could deliver and serious damage he was stumbling forward from the impact of the kick that Andros had placed squarely on his back. I grinned triumphantly.
Our victory was short lived as he returned momentarily. The two of us circled darkliptor and our tactic came into play. He had two blades and the two of us alternated blows and defensive techniques, stepping back to let the other take a swing.
Darkliptor was starting to grow weary and for a moment I couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. A sudden flash blinded me. Memories flooded into my brain. Andros and I as young children rolling around in the grass outside our houses, wielding sticks and yelling cheerfully. My heart ached.
And then my side aches as I was thrown to the floor, a sting like electricity flooded my side as I rolled onto my back.
Darkliptor chuckled as he approached me, blades aimed downwards towards me, anticipating the final blow that they would deliver. Until Andros launches himself between us.
"Maddi!" He cries as I struggled to get up. The air had been thrown out of my lungs and I was gasping like a fish out of water.
"Blue Ranger." Darkliptor suddenly announced and we craned our necks, only to see TJ standing in the distance.
"No, wait!" He cried, hands tasing in front of him defensively as Darkliptor abandoned us as his previous targets.
"I hope you're more of a match for me than you're previous friends were."
"No!" The cries of horror that erupted from mine and Andros' mouths were identical.
Simultaneously, we raced forards, leaping in front of the bolt of pure energy sent towards the Blue Ranger.
The impact was like hitting a solid brick wall and we were all flung in different directions.
"Andros! Maddi!"
"TJ! I knew you'd come and help. Thanks man!" Andros said before groaning slightly.
Suddenly TJ raced towards Darkliptor and jumped straight at his chest, causing him to fall backwards and allow us time to stand and recover slightly as TJ hauled us to our feet.
I gripped his arm gratefully.
"Thanks TJ."

"Back for more?" Darkliptor hissed as we lined up in front of him.
"How about we show him some teamwork, hey boys?"
"Lets do it!"
TJ charged firstly with his saber and Andros'. He threw them into the air before he reached Darkliptor, causing the monster to look upwards. He took the chance while he was distracted to shoot his blaster and darkliptor dropped his weapons. Then he knelt down and Andros and I used a shoulder each to jump off and propel ourselves into the air, each grabbing a weapon and landing inches away from the monster, striking one final blow which separated darkliptor back into Darkonda and  Ecliptor.
Behind us the ice that trapped the Rangers disappeared and they moved their aching muscles.
"Oh no. How could this be? I was invincible." Darkonda growled.
"Well, it looks like you were mistaken Darkonda. Good job guys." He congratulated TJ and I and we nodded in acknowledgment.
Before we could stop them however, Darkonda raced towards Ecliptor and they merged once more. This time they grew to ten times their usual size and attempted to stomp on us.
"Astro megazord power!"
"Mystic megazord!"

I tested my controls and called for RIKI.
Yes Maddison?
"You ready?" I asked.
"Its payback time." I heard TJ say as he landed a solid punch to the monster's chest.
I then landed an impressive roundhouse kick.
"Take that!"
"Giro blaster online!"
I stepped back as the Ranger's displayed an impressive burst of bullets.
"RIKI, flying power punch!" I cried and watched in satisfaction as my robot's fists detached and hot Darkliptor. In a blinding flash of light he separated once again into Ecliptor and Darkonda.
Just as the fists circled back to hit them again, Darkonda pulled Ecliptor in front of him.
The result was that they both returned to their usual size but Ecliptor fell to the floor injured while Darkonda gave us an ominous threat of return.
He then disappeared, taking the injured Ecliptor with him.

*. *. *.

I was exercising in my own quarters, de-morphed for once when I heard the door hiss open.
"Maddi, I just wanted to say about earlier-"
I gasped and spun around, blonde hair bouncing just below my shoulder blades as my eyes widened almost comically.
Quick as a flash I grabbed my morpher from my bedside table and pressed the button, the familiar purple suit adorning my body once more.
"S-sorry." TJ stuttered as he backed away. However before he could completely leave the room he stepped back towards me and shut the doors behind him.
I turned my back to him.
"Maddi, why are you so intent on us not knowing what you look like? What are you hiding from us. We're a team, you know."
I didn't reply and TJ sighed.
"You can always talk to me."
I waited until I heard the doors hiss close, signalling his exit before I released the breath I'd been holding.

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