Chapter 6: Andrew

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Andrew refused to move. He had empty desks on either side of him. He waited, and after Monica gave a huge sigh, she picked up her bag and headed his way.

She didn't say anything except, "Hi," when she sat down. They both watched Mr. Dugan pass out the assignments to each group.

"There are several options, and I've marked down the ones that I wouldn't mind groups of four working on. I don't need a group of four doing the music playlist, okay?" Andrew looked down at the sheet of paper. That was the first option on the list: make a Holden Caulfield playlist, with CD art and explanations for why each song was included with textual evidence. Ugh. "You will have two weeks, and you will need to present your project in front of the class."

If he could have done any of the projects alone, they would have been cool. Sure, he could make a playlist for Holden. But with Monica's help he was sure some Taylor Swift song would end up on there. No way. A graphic/comic of the book? Sure, not that he could draw. That was one of the 4-person options. The other 4-person option was to make a video, which he wanted no part of.

"Ooh, look, we could make a video!" Monica said brightly. If she didn't think Andrew caught how her eyes flicked toward Ryan and his partner, she didn't deserve to be in an honors-level class.

"I'd rather write a research paper on teen depression," Andrew said, dead serious. It was option number three on the list.

Monica flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Don't be boring." Then she hissed, "Ryan!"

Ryan gave her an annoyed look, then turned back to Wally.

"Wow, you two have a great relationship," Andrew muttered. "I know that's how I want my boyfriend to look at me."

"He's not my boyfriend," Monica snapped. Andrew took a moment to consider this while Monica said louder, "Ryan!"

When Ryan refused to turn around again, Monica actually got up and went over to him.

"I don't want to do a video!" Andrew called out.

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