I'm sorry I was so excited about this and since there weren't any further questions, I decided to post it earlier :D But if you still have some questions to ask, feel free to ask me anytime :)


1. What inspired you to write this story ?

A: I just wanted to create something different. The idea of ending the book how it did occurred to me only when I was in the middle of the book. I just wanted to show that sometimes there is more to a situation than you think and therefore should never judge a book by its cover. I did not only show that by the characters e.g. Jessica etc. but also the book itself is a metaphor for that. I started the book in the most cliché way possible with the alarm clock, waking up, Sofía bumping into Noah and ended it in the least cliché way possible to emphasize what I was trying to say.

Also, the book starts with Sofía waking up on a Monday which in general symbolizes the beginning of something and in Sofía's case it's her life changing experience that is ahead of her. In addition to that the book ends with Sofía leaving which also stands for terminating something and start something new. Before she exited the house, she had a conversation with Noah who is a symbol for her old life. Noah/her old life tries to convince her to stay but she decides not to and walks through the door in her new and maybe even better life.

I always wanted to create stories with a meaning. I'm sorry for all the rambling, I know that I do that a lot, especially in my story.

2. Did you try to base Sofía's character on yourself, or who you want to be ?

A: Both. I did not try it, I did it subconsciously and purposely. Sofía and I do share a lot of character traits, bad and also good. Every character in my story is somehow based on me, they all have personality traits that I have as well, but also traits that are exactly the opposite of me. However, Sofía is the one who I have the most in common with.

3. Were there any challenges that occurred during writing this story ? If so, what ?

A: It was surprisingly easy, but only because I did not really plan anything I wrote. I just started writing every time anew, without really knowing what the outcome was going to be. Of course, I struggled sometimes for example when I had to write Noah's POV which was probably the hardest thing since I constantly have to pay attention not to sound like a girl. I'm not really good at writing guy's POV :D. Other than that, I believe if you don't stress about or have a real deadline and know what to write then it's easier than you think. I never really had a writer's block, I often just didn't want to write but that is pretty normal.

4. Did you base your characters off of people in real life ?

A: As I said, I only based them partly off of myself but other than that, no. The only thing I took from people I know where the names, at least some of them, but they're mostly quite the opposite of what I've portrayed them in the story.

5. Who's your favorite ship ?

A: Jalex. I love how different they are and yet love each other exactly because of that.

6. Who is your least favorite ship ?

A: Jackson and Paula. I don't know why but the sole thought is just aggravating :D

7. Who is your favorite character ?

A: Kyle. I don't think I need to go into further detail why :D

8. Who is your least favorite character ?

A: Paula. I hate people who are devious and betray others.

9. Do you love writing Wattpad stories ? If so, which genre do you like the most ?

A: Of course, I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it :D My favorite genre is definitely Teen Fiction.

10. If every character was the opposite gender, what would they look like, their personality, would ships change etc. ?

A: That's a tough question actually. I believe most of them would stay the same. Even Kyle. He was born with the sass and I would have never the heart to take that away from him :D Other than that, I think that even if most things stayed the same, everything would change at the same time. Although, they had the personality traits, they would act them out differently because every gender has their own way of expressing their thoughts, feelings etc.

11. What is your spirit animal ?

A: If you were talking about actual animals I'd say Koalas. I love them because they are cute and eat and sleep all day. I can also identify myself with sloths because they can slow down they're circulation to a certain point and die accidentally. Kinda me tho :D

12. Water, Earth, Fire, Air ?

A: Although, the main character of my story was born in a Water Sign I'd say fire. Due to the fact that I'm a Leo and because of my personality.

13. Pokémon, gotta catch em ___ ?

A: All :D

14. You are writing two stories right now: C.O.B.R.A. and this. Could you imagine connecting each other during the story telling ?

A: I guess by "this" you mean the sequel ? The book is already planned out and I don't think I'll be able to do that but I have three other books that I'm working on and two of them could actually be connected to that story. I'll definitely keep that idea in mind.

15. What happened to Sofía's boyfriend ?

A: Read the sequel and you'll find out :)

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