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Chapter 73

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Well, I'm back in my old bed, in my old house, back in South Carolina. That's right, I'm back in good ol' SC because my boyfriend, Mr. Blake Griffin, wants to meet the mess that is my family.

We're about to go to my parents' house so I went in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and saw a big ass hickey on my neck. Fucking fantastic. I do not want my dad to see this, but I have no way to cover it up. I don't wear makeup and it's too hot for a scarf, so basically I'm fucked.

"Blaaaaake!" I whined walking out the bathroom.

"What's wrong?"

"Look what you did to me," I said pointing to my neck.

"I'm sorry?" he chuckled.

"How am I gonna hide this? I don't want my dad seeing this," I said getting my keys.

"Maybe he won't notice," he said as we walked out the house and to the car.

"You don't think he'll notice the golfball-sized hickey on my neck?" I asked laughing a little.

"I said maybe," he laughed back.


We pulled up outside my parents' house and I hesitated getting out.

"You sure you wanna do this? It's not too late to change your mind and go back home," I said staring at the front door.

"Why are you so worried? I'm sure everything will be fine," he said.

"Alright, but I should warn you, my family is ghetto as hell. My grandma is country as shit, my mom is wild, and my dad is one of those 'no BS' kinda guys when it comes to me, so good luck," I said as we walked up the steps.

We went in the house and I saw my parents sitting in their room.

"Wait right here," I whispered to Blake.

I walked in their room and they jumped up to hug me.

"Bri!" they said together.


"What's wrong with your neck?" my dad asked staring at the hickey.

"Huh? Nothing. I just, I got hit. In the neck. With a golfball," I said. My voice cracked a little somewhere in there and I'm sure my heart dropped as soon as he asked that.

"It don't look like -"

"So where is he?" my mom asked cutting him off.

"Waiting outside," I said walking toward the door.

We walked out of the room where Blake was standing and their jaws dropped. Why do people keep doing that? They looked at each other, then at Blake, then at me.

"Mama, Daddy, this is Blake. Blake, these are my parents, Charlene & Darrell Sr.," I said.

"Nice to meet you both," Blake smiled.

He shook my dad's hand while my mom smirked at me.

"Damn, you're even more fine in person," my mom said.


"He is!" she said smiling, "Bri, remember when you used to say you were gonna ma-"

"Okay, that's enough! Why don't y'all go in the den and we'll meet y'all down there," I said shutting my mom up.

"I told you she was a mess," I said to Blake as we walked down the hall.

"She's not that bad; she's just very blunt, and I can see where you get it from," he laughed.

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