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The crowd of journalists was right behind the door, all ready to eat him alive, so Jaehyun was revising the answers he has written down last night while walking up and down the room in nervousness. The door on the other side of the long corridor opened causing a series of unpleasant butterflies to rise up in his stomach. Towering over his bodyguards, the ruling world champion Johnny Seo came in assisted by his manager Taeyong. That sorcerer, business genius, wolf in sheep's skin or however names people were calling him, that freaking last person Jaehyun wanted to see. Yet his gaze lingered on Taeyong's blood-red hair, his dark-blue jacket, torn jeans, divided brow, smooth golden earrings and sharp dark orbs. It was a brief moment of inhaling Taeyong's beauty. A hideous moment, that shouldn't have happened, so Jaehyun looked away quickly pretending he's not interested in these two.

"Mr. Jung." Said Johnny so he looked up sending him a fake smile.

"Mr. Seo." Jaehyun nodded slightly. "Mr. Lee." He avoided Taeyong's eyes that were always making him way too uncomfortable.

"So you're ready to lose tonight?" Asked Taeyong coming closer.

"I thought you're talking about yourself." Muttered Jaehyun, the papers sweaty in his hands.

He hated them, Taeyong especially, but Johnny has held the champion's title for three years in row now. Nevertheless since Lucas has won the junior world championship everyone was speculating, now he had got rid of all opponents so it was just him against Johnny in the big final. They were supposed to meet on the ring in the heart of LA in a few hours.

"I hope at lest you have a heavy fist just in case." whispered Taeyong coming so close his lips nearly brushed Jaehyun's ear sending goose bumps down his body he ignored while thinking hard about a replay, when the main door opened. The sea of flashlights blended them, so he put his best smile on fixing his tie and jacket then walking into the conference room hoping the first question won't be about Lucas's absence.

Yes, he's busy preparing for the fight, mentally, was the answer Jaehyun had scribbled down just in case last night, what was so far away form the truth, as yes he was definitely busy but with his barbie-doll looking girlfriend. Jaehyun sighed. At least he has never been attracted to women, maybe it was for the good or maybe not, he thought when his gaze fell back on Taeyong.

"Two, three, four, five..."

The judge was counting, the lights blending, the noises so distant.

"Get up! Get up!" Was Jaehyun screaming or was it just another nightmare?

"Nine, ten!"

The noises became louder, someone came to him splashing ice-fielled water over his face, they tried to pull him up but the world became a blur, so he closed his eyes again.

"Get up! Get up!" Someone was dragging him up on his weak legs that didn't want to carry him anymore.

"Give applause for the world champion Johnny Seo!"

The audience became a blur again.

"Come! Come!" Thry dragged him, pushed on something that gave him a steadier hold, his head was still spinning, the last hit had it in it. Has he broken something, maybe a few ribs while falling, breathing was highly uncomfortable.

"Lucas! Look at me!" He felt someone hitting his cheek. "We need a doctor!"

It was Jaehyun, definitely in panic, yes at it was Jaehyun.

"Easy." whispered Lucas leaning his head back resting it against something cold, a wall, definitely.

The world was coming back to his senses, with more pain and yes, the small voice in the back of his mind telling him he had fucked up big time.

"Will he be able to come on stage?" Asked someone.

"Does he look like?" Jaehyun was screaming.

"Jaehyun shut up." Whispered Lucas as each sound was causing sharp pain in his head.

"Here he is." Jaehyun sighed.

A pair of hands in latex gloves grabbed his face painfully.

It was investigated from all sides.

"Follow the light." the man pulled his eyelid up, definitely, as the next thing he saw was a bright spot blending, so he just followed it like a moth nearing a trap.

"Count to five."

"One, two, three, four, five," he whispered.

"Rise the right hand."

He was doing it all one by one, the vision slowly becoming sharper, Jaehyun's ugly brown suit... Has he really been wearing this all day?

"Enough! I'm fine!" Lucas moved up, he needed to grab the wall as the room span again.

"Sit here boy!" Shouted the doctor.

"Easy!" Lucas stumbled towards the huge mirror in that sick changing room with dark blue walls.

He leaned towards it to see his face in a funny masquerade, one eyelid so swollen he could barely see, the bruises were surrounding it from all sides. At least his nose wasn't broken, his lower lip equally swollen, some blood dripping down from it.

He stumbled to the sink then used cold water to wash his face clean.

"You need to rest, let the doctor help." Begged Jaehyun, but he ignored slamming his clothes through the room, walking towards the shower in the small bathroom.

He opened the water stream leaving it cold. It felt right coming down his tortured body when he was watching the blood mixing with the water in the washbasin. He waited until the stream underneath his feet became clean then turned it off grabbing a towel. It took effort, each move painful but he ignored dressing up into jeans, trainers, a hoodie, he pressed the hood over the still wet hair.

"Where are you going?" Asked Jaehyun in horror when he appeared in the changing room.

Lucas never answered passing the man, limping out, hoping to avoid all the so called 'fans' and yes his girlfriend, definitely her, she might leave him now as yes, he wasn't that cool anymore. He wouldn't mind at all, they weren't even near to being close other than in the bedroom.

A security opened a backdoor for him so he left into the total darkness of the fresh night. The city smelled like ocean air and wind. The palm trees were dried out even though it was early spring.

He had no idea where he's going, just further and further, as far away as possible, away from Jaehyun, the pain, the lost battle, glamours life and it all.

He had no idea where he's going, just further and further, as far away as possible, away from Jaehyun, the pain, the lost battle, glamours life and it all

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