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Day : Friday
Date : 03/08/2018


Hey guys! I just want to say that I promise I will update this story tonight, maybe at 10 or 11 p.m. in Malaysia. Hooray!🎉😆

I know it's been so long since the last time I update this story. But what can I do? I have a fever for a full week and at the same time I got so many homework at school. It's really stress me out ya know?

That's explain a lot to why i'm not updating this story for so long right?

I know i'm probably have lost your trust or interest on my story, but I hope, like really hopping for you to give me a chance😭.

Please, have some pity on me😢. I love my readers a lot since you guys have been supporting and respecting me and my hard work💕.

And one more thing. I really want to let you guys know something. I really want to share this with you guys😆. Actually, I have a drama project with my other 3 friends😆. It will be in a video. And I was thinking about posting the video in youtube.

The good thing is the drama will be in English language!😆 I just love English. I love to learn English since I was 9, actually.

And the bad thing is..I don't have any youtube account😪. But maybe I will create one💕😆.

Oh one more thing..the video is not finish yet. I will finish and maybe also releasing it in youtube on 25 August.


That's all what I want to say..
Thank you so much for reading💕

About the next chapter..please wait a bit more okay? Okay that's all..thank you again! Love yah😘.


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