how to be a more confident player

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sometimes i feel like i'm not really confident. do you go to the edge of the map to loot? avoid tilted towers? don't like lots of fights? rarely win or get top 2? well unfortunately, you my friend are an unconfident player.
what this means for you is that you leave the game with not many kills, you prefer landing at distant and far away places, get nervous in fights and struggle to build and fight efficiently.
today i'm going to tell you how you can get over that as i am still a bit of an unconfident player and currently i'm using some of this advice to help me get over it.
1. try landing at places like greasy grove and retail row. they have less people than tilted towers but more than flush factory (if you know what i mean).
2. grab your guns quick and don't be scared, brutal truth is, when you land at those densely populated places, there will be people there and probably more of them will try and kill you.
3. don't be scared at all. when you're scared you get skitty and shy and you know when you're about to meet a new person and you say words wrong or mess up your sentences? that's the same thing that happens in game. when you're nervous you can't really control your hand actions and your fingers ruin what you're trying to do on your controller. this is why i mainly use mobile because i sometimes struggle a lot with controllers. but what is there to be scared of? there's not gonna be a massive jump scare guys.
4. find the key binds or controller layout that works best for you. some people like to use scuff controllers for better grip and game control. i personally use combat pro on xbox one. however i am thinking of switching to builder pro for those quick builds (should i????). a lot of people say PC is easer because they can chose what buttons to press and when they need to, in which i totally agree. but whatever floats your boat guys, remember that. you just need to spend time choosing your keybinds and controller layout and find what one works best for you.
5. use guns that you know you can use well. i myself am quite good with the hunting rifle so i always take that or a bolt action sniper rifle. if you think you're better with an RPG, then use those. i don't like the RPG to be honest as it's lowkey a waste of space in your inventory. i prefer tac shotguns as i use more ammo. the pump only has 5 per round whilst the tac serves 8 per round. i tend to use that bit of ammo more so personally i like the tac. obviously i can use the scar and normally ARs with ease as pretty much everyone has ARs in game.
so, they are my tips to becoming a more confident player! good luck guys and remember there isn't anything to be scared of, just go for that win.

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