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First, I sincerely thank you for reading the Lost DMB Files. Thank you!

Increasingly, writers like me depend on readers' kindness and generosity to "throw a couple bucks in the hat" when they read something they like (I do this stuff for a living, believe it or not! Or at least I am for the time being!). I enjoy offering these stories here on Wattpad for free while allowing the readers to choose how much they value them. But to continue doing it, I need to know readers value my writing with a monitary amount higher than nothing, nada, ziltch, zero, FREE!!!

I know, I know. Wattpad is among other things a social site. And writers will continue to upload for many reasons other than financial compensation. I will too. But as a writing professional I have to face a financial reality in order to afford my fancy box wine (and rope to hold up my pants).

All of my Lost DMB Files (and some other titles) are available in both the Kindle and Kobo Book stores. Their prices range from $0.99 to $4.99 (Fistful of Reefer is free). Search for David Mark Brown in either store and you'll find me! BUT...

There are SEVERAL ways you can help! (For Kobo Books, USE THE EXTERNAL LINK IN THE RIGHT COLUMN!!!) or type in this shortened version: http://bit.ly/T1avi5

1.) on each product page you can rate and review.

2.) you can download a free version of Fistful of Reefer! This helps drive my stuff up the rankings.

4.) You can spread the word via Facebook, etc.

Thanks guys. Anything you can do really helps tons! And while I can't promise to invest hours on end here on Wattpad, I am more than happy to strike up a conversation with any one of you. If you aspire to writing profossionally, have questions about writing or the business of writing, etc. just ask!!!

SEARCH for DAVID MARK BROWN in either Kindle or Kobo store to find me!!!

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