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A random day in September 2020

Mary's POV

I am sitting in my studio alone trying to think of a new song . I was sitting down bopping my head to the beat.

As I was going to think of an idea my phone vibrates . someones calling me . I answered the call .

"Princess?"he spoke . Chills went down my spine .

"Dolan what do you want?" I rolled my eyes .

I hear him sobbing . I wonder what happened.

"I-I -I m-m-miss you ."he sobbed .

"Are you drunk ?" I asked .

"N-No ." He replied.

"What's going on then ?"

"She lied to me and cheated on me ." He sobbed even more .

"Dolan what the fuck are you talking about ?" I said confused.

"She lied to me about being pregnant a-and she cheated on me with ............Grayson ." My jaw dropped .

I muted myself and laughed.

I unmuted myself.

"Oh my god ." I said with a fake tone of concern.

"She is going to kill me . Please come and save me she has a gun  and I have no bodyguard today. I'm scared ." He whispered and kept crying softly.

"Please."He said .

Fuck . If I don't go I swear I'm going to feel guilty if something happens to him  .

I took down a shot of tequila .

I pulled out my gun and put it behind my back. I rushed out of the studio and sped off in my car . Karma really is a bitch ..........damn .

I arrived at his building. I quickly punched in the code and rushed upstairs quietly.

I finally arrived to his floor . Luckily nobody was in the living room. Before you know it I heard a gunshot go off and Ethan screaming.

Fuck! Someone tell me I'm dreaming.

I pulled out my Glock and prepared myself for hell that's going to be let loose. 

I slowly and carefully walked towards where I heard the second gunshot go off and Ethan's scream . I wasn't sacred , living in the hood really get you used to it. Trey , Chris and I were taught not to fear guns .  I ain't no weak bitch .

As I walked towards the restroom where Ethan's stuck in with the devil herself. I heard Ethan cry in pain while that bitch talked shit to him . I  see her aim for his chest .

"Shoot and I swear I'll bust a cap in yo mother fucking crazy ass ." I said through gritted teeth as my gun was pointed at the back of her head .

"I don't play no games , so if I were you I would drop that little shitty ass gun before I murk your ass ." I said pissed as ever .

I took a glance over at Ethan with a wound on the side of his stomach and one on his leg .

"Your little ugly ass won't do shit ." She said only to piss me off more .

I hit her on the side of her head causing her to turn around and shoot the gun, but somehow missed . 

My gun was now pointed straight in between her eyebrows  . She laughed and out of nowhere took the glock  out of my hand . Now I was the one with the gun pointed straight at me . I didn't panic . I was facing towards Ethan he was bleeding out  and trembling In fear . 

I don't know how I'm going to get out of here all I know is that it's going to be alive . 

When she looked away for a quick second I punched her straight in the middle of her face which caused her to drop the gun but hit me back . This bitch really thinks she's the shit . 

I don't need a gun I got my hands . Only real Bitches use their hands .

One hit straight to the jaw, second shot straight to the left eye , third shot straight  to the right eye .  Then she threw a hit and hit the side of my stomach. She straddled me and started punching me repeatedly causing me to see fuzzy .

"I fucked Ethan and he loved it you're just another one of his  dirty hoes. ." She spit .

This bitch went there .

"I'm going to rock your shit ." I spit back  and laughed .

I couldn't give up . One shot straight in the face .  Causing her to fall over . I was now on top . I threw hits endlessly rocking her whole shit .  She shouldn't have tested me . One after another until she was all busted up and could barely move .   I laughed at the sight of her .

I went over to Ethan.

"Throw your arm around my shoulder  I need to get you out quick ." He followed orders .

God damn he's heavy as fuck .  I dragged him out of the restroom and onto the couch . I quickly slipped off my muscle shirt and ripped it into two pieces.  I tied one on his leg and the other around his stomach to slow down the bleeding.

I took a quick look in the mirror and saw my lip and eyebrow cut open .  I got Ethan's phone and called his security . I'm not going to get In trouble for this  . 

I felt a sharp pain in my back  I turned around and there she was . Damn this hoe got to go .

We were now in the middle of the living room fighting.  Punches were being thrown left and right .   She hit my stomach and I hit her face .

I looked at her before I punched her in the jaw ,then came the nose , and mouth .  I upper cut her then threw her down on the floor .

"Mary is the name  , and just know when I say something I mean it ." I said before I threw the hardest punch of my life causing her to sleep

After That hit the security came bursting into the penthouse.  One of the officers came over to Ethan to take Ethan out but I stopped him .

I had Ethan throw his arm around my shoulder. He used his one working leg to limp into the elevator.

"Thank you ." He said .

"I'll have Grayson deposit 1 million into your bank account tomorrow morning." He added .

"Fuck You and your money . I only did this out of guilt ." I said whisper shouted .

"Oh...."he said .

"Worry about Yourself  right now because at the end of the day , I know you don't give  one single fuck about me ." I said sternly.

"Cause that's how we rocking and that's how we gonna Rock ." I said before letting the paramedics take him on a stretcher.  

One of the body guards handed me back my gun .

I simply got back in my car and drove away . With a couple bruises and cuts cause a BADASS BITCH  don't back down from no fights . No matter if it's a life or death situation.

"If I ever said I'm never scared
Just know I mean it
If I ever said I fucked your man
Just know I mean it
And if I ever said I'm gettin' money
Just know I mean it
And oh Lord oh Lord knows
He knows I mean it."


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