The Characters

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She is my best friend. Sakura is also a cat. But she is not a normal cat, she is about a little bigger than normal cats, and she can talk.
She has one blind eye that is blue, and her other eye is pink. She has fluffy grey fur.
She has the reflexes of a cat, ya know she can hunt and fight like a cat, and she trains often. Her senses are also like a normal cat. She also can see pretty good in the dark.
Since she has lived in the forest, she knows all the herbs and plants growing there, she knows what they all look like, and can find them very quickly.


Dark is a part wolf and part werewolf, but he has the appearance of a wolf. He can change back to a human when wanting to, but he mostly stays in wolf form.
He has black fur with edges of sliver fur on his ears and tail. He has deep blue eyes with specks of silver in them. He has dark red stripes of fur running from his claws up his legs. When he changes to a human he's just wearing a black shirt and red pants both having specks of silver on the ends.
But as part werewolf, his weakness is silver. He has his strengths to, he is strong and has very sharp claws and teeth. He is also very stealthy and has great agility. Also since he is part wolf, he has night vision.
A strange fact, his shadow (in wolf form) is a shadow of a human


Rock is a small dinosaur, and he has the shape similar to a Veloceraptor, except he has thin slates of bluish grey rock material all over his body, which is very strong. He also has very sharp claws, but he can't retract them so he always has to be careful. He is a very fast runner, but he isn't that quiet when doing so, and he can't jump very well. He can climb well though.
He is always looking for something fun to do, and trys to always say something funny, but not always at the right time.


Well, that's me. I usually wear black jeans with black buckled boots almost knee high. I wear a black short sleeve sleeve shirt, a short cape (no coller) and fingerless gloves. I pull my black hair in to a high ponytail.
I can do a lot of stuff since, I am a vampire.
I can do the typical vampire stuff like, fly, I have night vision, speed, agility, and strength, also my senses like hearing, and smelling, are amplified.
I also for whatever reason conjure fire and water from my hands, I can use telekinesis, and since I can conjure water, I also can breath underwater. Sometimes I can make a portal if the place I'm wanting to go is close. Take note though, I can't hold telekinesis, or a portal for very long because it takes a lot of energy.
A fact about me, I have red eyes, and that's how you can tell I'm a vampire.
Also, I am 1\3 human, and I lucked out getting immunity from the sunlight, though every time I step into it, I sneeze.

I put in the characters and what they can do, so you can get a better picture of what they look like when you are reading the book.
I really hope you like it, enjoy 😀


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