Finnick~Electric Love

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Finnick's POV

The way she carries herself mesmerizes me. Her smile nearly sends me into shock. She has no idea that I am completely wrapped around her finger. She is my everything, my whole world.

I hold her hand so she isn't to fall off of the edge of the dock. She is standing up on a ledge making her a few inches taller than me. Ever once and a while I spin her around. Her laugh sounds like a melody. Her voice, her laugh, her sound, satisfies me to my core. She's sweet like candy in my veins.

"Finn, where are you?" She asks, I didn't notice at first that she had stopped walking, halting me as well.

I look up at her, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"Just thinking." I reply.

"You seemed pretty heavy in thought. Want me to clear your head?" She asks, seemingly innocently. Sometimes when I get in a bad head space thinking about what I did in the Games she distracts me. I really couldn't be more grateful for her, she knows me all too well.

The innocent look on her face flips in a second when I see her mischief. She grabs my arm and hauls me into the water behind her. I resurface and flick my hair out of my face.

"Hey!" I yell.

"Cannonball!" She yells, she doesn't hesitate at all as she jumps into the water next to me.

"You're evil." I grin.

"And you love me for it." She swims closer and wraps her arms around my neck. She plants her lips on mine. I kiss back with comfort. Her lips are so familiar to me. She accelerates the kiss with more passion. Her lips are intoxicating.

"Why do you still have your thinking face on?" She pulls away and studies my face.

"How would you know, we were just making out?" I ask, chuckling.

"I can feel it in your face. You aren't here, you're in lala Finnick land." She grins.

"Trust me, the only thing on my mind is you."

"Well if that's the case, you're going to have to catch me."

She pushes me away and swims away. I roll my eyes and laugh but swim after her regardless. It doesn't take my very long to have her back in my arms. She lets out a squeal once she's been caught. 

"Baby, I'm dying for another taste."

I smirk and kiss her, picking up where we left off.

I have been with (Y/n) for a while now and I can never get used to this. I will never get over how electric she is. I never have wanted to be burned before her. Water has been my obsession but her fire is my passion. Together we have an undeniable Electric Love.

hey, sorry this one's a little short but i thought it was cute!
if you couldn't tell this is loosely based on the song Electric Love by the BØRNS.

comment and vote if you likeddddd:)

ps. thanks for over 150k reads!! keep it comin'

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