Chapter 8; I don't want to wait

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Olivia woke up at 8:00 A.M. She felt more energized than ever. She got dressed and decided to take a walk. As she was walking she passed by a cafe. She went inside and scanned all of the options. She pulled out her phone and texted Michael.

Olivia: I'm at a cafe by your house, I figured I would bring you breakfast. What do you prefer?

Michael: I'll have what you're having, Liv.

Olivia: See you in 10.

Olivia ordered two large teas and a half dozen box of donuts. She put them in a bag to make carrying it easier and left to go to Michaels. When she reached his house she texted him to let him know she was outside. He came to the door and grabbed the tea and donuts from Olivia. "Come on in, Liv. Goodmorning." He said. "Goodmorning, Michael." She responded. They went to his kitchen to enjoy the tea and donuts Olivia brought. "Thank you." He said. Olivia smiled. "So, I realized that I never got a chance to show you around my house. If you're going to be cleaning it, I might as well show you what each room is." Michael said. They finished up their donuts and Michael showed Olivia around. When they finished they took a seat on the couch in the living room. "You have such a big house, Michael." She said. He chuckled. "So I remember you told me you like to write music. Can I see a song you wrote?" She asked. He blushed, "Sure." He shyly responded. He went to his room to grab his notebook which had tons of songs in it. He grabbed it and returned to Olivia. "I wrote this one yesterday when I got home." He said as he opened the notebook to the song. "I can't help it? Hmm, I wonder what it's about." Olivia said. "But I don't want to read it, I want to hear it." She said, trying to get Michael to sing. "No way, I am not singing!" He said. "Come on, please?" She said as she gave him puppy dog eyes. He laughed. "Oh, fine. Anything to make you stop looking at me that way!" He teased her. "Come with me, I would rather play the piano and sing" he admitted as they went into another room with a piano. He began playing and singing the lyrics. Olivia felt butterflies. She stood in amazement with his voice.
He finished the song and she gave him an applause. "Wow! You have an amazing voice! I have a question." She admitted. He gave her a puzzled look. "Who was that about?" She asked. "Oh, no one." He answered with a smirk. She laughed and let it go. "Want to play a game?" He asked. "What kind of game?" She asked. "I have all sorts of games. Do you like Nintendo Smash Bro's?" He asked her. "Yes! Let's play!" She said. He laughed and they made their way to the game room. She sat down on the couch and Michael set up the game. Once he finished he handed her a controller and grabbed his own and joined her on the couch. "Ready to lose?" She teased. "You must be talking to yourself, girl!" He joked. They began playing. Michael kept winning. He saw how hard she was trying so he let her win a round. She jumped up in excitement. "I told you I would beat you! I am getting better!" She shouted. Michael laughed adoring her excitement. He looked at his wrist watch. "You hungry? I know you're supposed to cook for me, but I figured we could go out to eat." Michael said. Olivia agreed. "Where we goin?" She asked. "Cheesecake Factory" he answered. She put her jacket on and he put his on as well. They made their way to Michael's car.
It was a 15 minute ride from Michael's house. Once they arrived they went inside and were immediately seated. They began looking at the menu when Olivia felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She pulled it out.

Triniti: Wyd? 👀👀

Olivia: I'm out eating lunch with Michael right now, why?

Triniti: Girl.. be careful. Please. Have fun okay?

Olivia smiled and put her phone away. "What's got you all happy?" Michael asked. "Triniti is just funny. That's all." She responded. The waitress came over and asked to take their orders. She wrote them both down and returned to the kitchen.
"So, what's your favorite animal, Liv?" Michael asked.

"I love puppies. They are so sweet. Yours?"

"I love all animals. I don't discriminate." He admitted, in a playful tone.

"My turn. Why do you teach rather than sing?" She asked.

"Oh, we're taking turns?" He teased. "I just love to teach. I never thought about singing." He admitted. "What do you plan on doing after you graduate?" He asked.

"I will probably be a journalist or something. I love writing. But then again, I will probably be a cosmetic. Or something involved with changing the world." She admitted.

He smiled. "That can be done even now, Liv."

She smiled, "I know. I play my role. I just wish others would too."

Michael smiled.

It grew silent. The waitress returned with their food. Other than the soft music filling the restaurant, it was silent as they ate their food. They finished it all up and went to the counter to pay the check. The waitress nervously handed him a reciept with a smile from ear to ear. He smiled back and they both left the restaruant. "I believe that woman had a crush on you." Olivia said. Michael blushed. "You're crazy, Liv." He joked. Michael scanned the receipt to make sure the transaction was correct. when he reached the bottom of the reciept he grew puzzled. He silently read to himself.

I apologize in advance because it looks like you could be on a date. But if not, I wrote my number below this, give me a call.

He chuckled. "You were right, Liv. She does like me." He said. "Oh? And what made you realize this?" She asked. He handed her the reciept. Immediately Olivia felt jealous. Michael noticed and smiled. He took the receipt and they made their way to Michael's car. "Want to see something beautiful?" He asked. She pulled down the sun visor and opened the part with a mirror on it. "Already am." She joked. "Oh, stop it." He laughed. "Okay, okay! Let's go see what you're talking about." She said. Michael began driving to a lake which was all ice and surrounded by snow.
They got out of the car and made their way to a bench. Michael brushed the snow off and they both took a seat. "I come here when I am feeling stressed." He admitted. "This is beautiful, Michael." She responded. The two sat their for a few hours talking until it started getting dark outside. Michael looked at his wrist watch. "It's 7:00, we should get back home and eat." He said. She smiled. They got into the car and went back to Michael's house. They went inside and went to the kitchen. Michael set the table. He put two large red candles up and lit them. He set place mats for Olivia and himself while she cooked. She made a lasagna dish with garlic bread on the side. They sat down and began eating. "I know it's late, but why don't you stay for movie? I can take you home." Michael said. "I'm sure my mom won't mind." She admitted. They finished up their dinner and cleaned the table. Olivia brought the dishes to the sink and immediately began washing them. "I have a confession Olivia." Michael said. Olivia grew nervous. "I can't wait. My feelings are getting deeper. I want to be with you." Michael said while avoiding eye contact.

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