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Dedicated to @JanayHopkins for this AMAZING cover.

'Til Death Do Us Part

The signifies that the married couple intend to spend the remainder of their lives together - They will be parted only by death.

But what if one of the lovers in the marriage is the cause of their partners' sudden death?

Passion Maverick is married to one of the most successful, well-known men in California. She's his prize. She's his trophy wife that stuck by him through all of his past relationships, past scandals, alleged children, and even stuck by his side when he spent six years in prison for possession with intent to sell narcotics.

Now, out and a free man, Marcel "Money" Maverick has changed his life around. He's gotten out of the game and has become a successful entrepreneur around the city, investing and trying to make things better for his wife, Passion. But what Passion doesn't know, is that Marcel has just been selling her a dream since he got out of prison.

He's trying to change but the streets keep calling him back, and he just can't seem to escape his past. But how can he escape his past when he made a vow to never break off his marriage to an unfinished piece of business from the past?

Marcel's been walking around carrying a huge secret on his shoulders for years, but how could he confess what he did to the love of his life? How could he hurt a woman who's been through hell and back, all on account of his actions?

Telling the truth could mean ruining his life as he knows it, but what if he doesn't have to come clean? Passion soon finds out the truth on her own and concocts a plan of revenge to get back at Marcel for everything he's put her through. But things will get messy since Marcel knows his wife like the back of his hand and is always one step ahead of her.

Follow Passion and Marcel through their journey on the roller coaster of love and all the speed bumps it has in store for them as each lover races to correct mistakes made in the past.

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