A "Wanted" Adventure-Jojen Reed x Reader

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"Y/N, wake up!" I heard my twin brother hiss. He shook me under the fur blanket to try to get me out of one of the only good periods of sleep I have had out here.

"What is it, Bran?" I mumbled. I rolled over and felt another branch under me snap. We have been living out in the wilderness since the Greyjoys took over Winterfell.

"There was a snapping branch nearby." He whispered, "It wasn't Rickon or Hodor and Osha went to check. Get up!" He shook me again and I finally got up.

"Fine, I'm up! I bet it's just an animal though." I said as Summer started to growl. I turned in the direction of a boy, a little older than Bran and I, walked through the fog. I launched up to a sitting position on the adjacent side of the tree to Bran.

He kept walking and his cape flowed behind him from the wind. He was silent, like Bran and I, but probably for a different reason. He stopped and got ready to speak when Osha put a sharpened piece of wood, that passes off as a spear, to the back of his neck. "Don't move a step, boy, unless you want to drown in your own blood." She whispered.

The boy seemed as calm as ever, "I'm unarmed."

I slowly went to grab my bow with my quiver already next to me. Osha spoke as I closed my hand around the grip of the bow, "That was poor planning."

"My sister carries the weapons." The blond kid says nonchalantly.

Before anyone could do anything, the sound of a knife being pulled from a hilt then placed to Osha's neck caught us off guard. "I'm better with them." The dark brown haired girl that held the knife says. "Drop the spear." She commanded. Osha refused. "Drop it." She said more forcefully.

Osha removed the spear from the back of his neck, "You kill me and that wolf will tear you to bits." Summer was getting more and more on edge, his growls going lower and lower in pitch.

Osha completely dropped the spear as the boy walked forward towards Summer. "You must be Summer." He put his hand out towards him and Summer sniffed it, suspiciously. Once he was satisfied, he trotted past the kid. The boy walked closer to Bran and me but focused on him.

I could hear Bran's breathing grow more intense, showing me that he was getting as nervous as I was. I grabbed an arrow and stood quickly, readying my shot, aiming towards the boy only steps in front of Bran.

"Don't take another step, blondie!" I snapped at him. He stopped and looked towards me. "Who are you?" I tried to calm my breath so it wouldn't show.

"I am Jojen Reed and this is my sister Meera." He said. Meera gave me a glare. "And you must be Y/N." I stared at him with shock and looked down at Bran. He gave me the same face I was making. Jojen refocused on Bran, unfazed. "We've come a long way for you Brandon. And we have much farther to go."

That night, when it was my turn to be on watch, I found myself keep glancing at the Jojen kid. I carved the last line into the grip of my bow. It wasn't the best but it was the best I could remember.

I gazed at the old bow and the carving. The bow was given to me by Robb before he left to meet his bannermen and the carving was Sansa's favorite design to needle into things. I thought back to every gift Sansa gave me for my namedays. That same design. She used to tell me it meant 'a wanted adventure'. Pretty ironic. She usually told me about songs of where people would go on adventures and find something new between them.

I missed them so much. I missed everything so much.

"Are you okay?" A soft voice whispered. I looked across from me and Jojen was there, sitting up, watching me.

"I'm just as fine as you think I would be. Go back to sleep. It won't be your night to watch until we can trust you not to slit our throats at night." I whispered back with a sweet smile.

He grinned and put his hands up, "You caught us." He joked causing me to laugh. Moments of silence followed. "Do you want to talk about it?" He finally whispered back, he sounded genuine.

"You already know my name and my family, so I guess there is nothing to talk about." He opened his mouth to speak but I interrupted, "Added on by the fact that I only know your name, nothing else."

He chuckled, "You're right. I know your name, but that's only because I know about your brother. I do know your family, but I could listen to your thoughts and be a source of letting out everything that is bothering you even if I can't help. And I guess we should get to know each other if we are to go on this adventure together." He smiled at me sweetly.

I looked down at the carving, thinking of the songs. "I guess we should." I smiled back at him.

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