32- real life

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(princess b)elle
you here

yeah, im at baggage claim


Elle walked through the hundreds of people in the airport, it was extremely busy due to multiple fans coming in since they knew most of the Marvel cast were flying in. She checked her phone and saw a new message from Tom, telling her that he was waiting in the baggage area. She found her bag and started to look around for Tom.

"Holy shit, are you Cheryl Miller? I love The Originals." She heard a group of people squeal and she sent a smile towards their direction.

"Thank you so much, what are your names?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrow slightly as she saw the group began to get bigger.

"I'm Mari, this is Grace, Betty, Anne, and that's Maddie." The tall brunette replied. Cheryl smiled.

"Nice to meet you!" She smiled brightly.

"OH MY GOD, IT'S CHERYL MILLER!" She heard someone scream, and she turned her head to see where it came from, but her arm was pulled back by the original group of girls.

"Can we have a picture?" Mari asked, handing Elle her phone. Elle blinked nervously but nodded, opening the camera and taking a group picture with everything.

"Can I have one too!"

"Me too!" A chorus of voices went around. She started to feel claustrophobic when she was surrounded by a group of fans. She intook a breath with a shaky smile, and was about to reply when a gentle arm pulled her away slowly.

"Elle and I really have to go now, our cab is waiting. I apologize." A British voice pulled her from her thoughts and she looked up to see Tom sending an apologetic glance towards her. His grip moved from her arm to her hand as he guided her to the exit.

"Thanks Tom," She smiled before glancing around in confusion, "I thought you brought a car."

"I did, but it was the easiest excuse to get out of there." He shrugged and she laughed. He drove her to his hotel, where he was staying. She had booked a room on a different floor, but same building so she could be close to her 'date' for the premiere.

"Which room number are you?" He asked as she checked in to her room.

"714." She replied, glancing at him and she read off her card.

"Cool, I'm 821 So our floors are decently close." He shrugged, she responded with a nod. He handed her one of his cards, the one meant for guests.

"That way you can come over and shit without me having to get the door." Tom let out a laugh, she couldn't help but smile at how British he sounded when he said shit.

"Then here's one of mine." She handed it to him as they waited on an elevator.

"How about we go out to eat later, I can pick you up from your apartment around seven?" Tom asked. She nodded with a grin.

"Definitely, It's a date." Her cheeks tinted pink and she realized what she called it, but didn't make any move to correct herself.

"See you then, love." He smiled as she made her way out of the elevator.

"See you then, Tom."

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