Chapter Eleven

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It didn't take Sammy long to find what he was looking for. He found a news article from 1923 and called Duncan and Wren over to look.

"Tragedy strikes when a young girl is a victim to first degree murder at BeechWood Academy in London," Sammy reads the news report aloud. "The girl was beat in the head and four pints of her blood had been extracted. She went by the name Janet Hargrove, but she was portraying Lucy Westenra, aka Dracula's first victim."

"Oh my god, do you think Miss Drake killed her?" Wren asks "Do you think she plans on killing me during the play as well?"

"No, she's not going to hurt you. I promise." Duncan says

"Four pints of her blood was extracted, this has vampire written all over it." Sammy shakes his and reads more from the article.

"I still don't believe that Miss Drake is a vampire, I mean vampires are just a myth!" Duncan exclaims.

"How else do you explain her being alive in 1923?" Sammy asks

"I-I don't know." Duncan mumbles.

"Can we just go hang out somewhere and be normal teenagers for once?" Wren asks running her fingers through her hair.

"Define 'normal'." Sammy says

"We just hang out and forget about all of this 'my teachers a murderer' thing for one afternoon." Wren says.

"I think I can manage that." Sammy says and Duncan agrees.

So with that the three walk out of the library and make their way outside and into the school garden. They just walk and talk and joke around.

"Oh, tomorrow instead of going to Mr. Ray's class we are going to gym class during second period. Mrs. Mortem told me earlier." Duncan says

"I still need to finish the Beowulf project with Susie." Sammy groans

"Duncan and I finished earlier today." Wren says

"Good for you." Sammy says sarcastically.


The next day during second period the three friends walked to the school gym, which was a completely different building that wasn't attached to the school. It took them a bit longer to get there than to Mr. Ray's class. Once they arrived at the gym they saw a rack of basketballs and basketball goals were set up.

"Looks like we're playing basketball." Wren sighs

"I love basketball, I was actually on the basketball team at my old school." Duncan says

"You know tryouts are this weekend, you should join the team. I'm trying out as well." Sammy says

"I might." Duncan says as the gym teacher, Coach Hart, stepped onto the court.

"Girls are playing first today! Get on the court and I'll separate you into teams. Boys sit down on the bleachers." Coach Hart says. Wren runs onto the court while the boys went to sit down but Coach Hart stopped them.

"Can one of ye' go to the pool anf grab me' whistle?" Coach Hart asks.

"I'll go, where is it?" Sammy volunteers.

"I think I left it on the divin' board." Coach Hart says and Sammy runs to the pool while Coach seperated the girls into teams. Duncan was talking to another boy named Jack Kendrick, who was asking if Duncan and Wren were dating. Duncan didn't pay much attention to the game until he heard someone yell;

"Come on Wren! Throw the ball!" It was Susie yelling at Wren from across the court. Duncan scanned the gym for Wren and saw her frozen on the left side of the court. Suddenly Wren screamed and cried. Duncan ran down the bleachers and to her side she looked at him in the eyes and he noticed that her eyes had gone to the back of her head.

"We have to find him." Wren cried to Duncan.

"Who? Who do we need to find?" Duncan asks


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