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"Hayley, left hand on yellow," Luke ordered, reading off the board in his hands.

Hayley looked around, realising that to reach the closest yellow, she would have to stretch her body over Calum's. He was awkwardly holding himself in some kind of bridge-y position, his right foot on green and his left on yellow, hands placed on blue and red. Bent over backwards.

Luke smirked and stuck his tongue out at Calum. He was absolutely doing this on purpose.

Reaching her hand over his chest, Hayley placed her left hand on the yellow circle, just as Luke had told her to do. Calum felt a bit flustered, feeling his knee brushing against her hip each time he moved, attempting to stabilise himself.

The arrow spun again, and Luke laughed. "Calum, right hand yellow."

Calum moved his right hand from blue to yellow, inching closer to her. "Oh god," he whispered, trying his best not to fall. He definitely wasn't going to. There was no way he was losing. 

The only thing that would keep him from winning was that damn perfume. He couldn't keep himself from smelling it as her body was close to his. It was annoyingly distracting.

Not only was it distracting because it smelled so damn good. It was also giving him flashbacks from that night when he had been in her bed, drunkenly sniffing it off her pillow. It was creepy, he was very aware. And right now it was throwing him off balance.

Calum was determined. The only thing that could make him lose was if he, like, got a boner. It was quite difficult, as he had a kinda hot girl hovering over him, but Calum bit his cheeks and pressed his eyes shut hoping he'd be alright for another couple of minutes.

After that he could excuse himself to the bathroom or something. Or something, yeah.

He'd have to figure out a way to get her down on the floor. Sooner rather than later. Calum wasn't sure how long he would be able to hold on for.


His breath tickled her neck, causing goose bumps to form on Hayley's skin. She felt annoyed with herself. Why couldn't she just get turned on in a way that was less apparent? Hot red cheeks, and the way she had to try hard to control her breathing was just so damn obvious - it was giving her away. Feeling a bit weak in the knees, her right foot started to tremble.

"You alright?" He asked, lifting his head enough for her to see that he was smirking. He didn't need to - she heard it in his voice.

"I'm fine," she managed to say, determined to keep her left hand stretched. Damn, his face was perfect. The DNA lottery had been generous when giving him both pretty eyes and a bright smile.

"So you're not about to fall, then?" he teased, adjusting his position to once more brush against her.

"Stop talking." It was distracting, but Hayley wasn't going to let him win.

Hayley was competitive. Calum was competitive It was obvious. Neither wanted to lose, and both were going out of their way to try to make the other fall over - using every trick in the book.

"Luke spin the damn thing," she commanded.

Again, he managed to lift himself enough to bump his knee against her thigh. Hayley gave Calum a glare in an attempt to show him she was serious. This failed as he met her frown with a smile, his brown eyes lighting up.

"That's cheating! Stop it, Calum!"

"What?" He asked, smiling innocently as he repeatedly raised his body and bumped his body against hers. And then he did it - he fucking giggled. Hayley's heart to skipped a beat. Did he know what he was doing? He was so innocent, yet he seemed completely aware. He had to know, how else was he able to push all the right buttons?

Was it really necessary for him to be that cute? Truly, that couldn't be fair. That giggle would be the end of her - she knew it.

If he was going to play dirty, so would she. "Virgin," Hayley whispered, from out of nowhere, and watched Calum's face drop.


This one word made him lose his balance, the end result was him falling over and pulling Hayley down with him. Had she actually just said that? Luke had picked up on it, laughing from the sideline.

Calum felt embarrassed. Was she going to tease him now as well? Although drunk, he had told her about his sexual status in drunken confidence. It wasn't something she was allowed to use against him. It was unfair.

Hayley was still hovering over him. Damn. He could feel himself gaining a bit of a pulse. The blood was rushing. Again, he had to close his eyes and think about something completely different than a pretty girl being on top of him. Fucking hell, how he felt like kissing her right then and there.

They were closer than ever, and before she had raised her body off of his to stand up, Calum couldn't help but take in a last breath of her smell. It was embarrassing how she could make him feel so... weird. Alive. Drunk, almost.

But he was not happy with her for mentioning the virgin thing. Brushing a part of hair that had fallen into his face out of the way, he glanced over at her. Calum felt a bit cheated - would she be making fun of him, too? Like his friends were?

He had stood up for her when they had said things about her awful singing. If only she knew.

Michael leaned back on the chair he was sat on. "You told her you're a virgin?" He laughed at the thought. "I can't believe you'd tell her that."

"Shut up," Calum pouted, not wanting to hear about it. "I was drunk, okay."

"Hey, you should come hang out with us this weekend. We usually hang at Luke's. Have a few drinks, chill," Michael said, ignoring the fact that Calum was glaring at him.

"Yeah, sure," she replied, much to Calum's dismay.

Calum knew that 'a few drinks' really didn't mean that. And he wasn't sure if he was comfortable having her around. It was a disaster just waiting to happen.



so a flirty game of twister, eh

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