Phillip Lester (Phan)

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'Hey, Phil. Don't bother replying to this text...'

In a Fantasy-meets-modern world, Phil is your average city-dweller in a family of archers. One day during lunch at his school he receives a text from a mysterious number from a dating app calling for help...

Dan, has been captured as a prisoner of war by the dragon king. He's blackmailed his torturer into contacting his partner, Phillip Lester to come and save him. Unfortunately his keeper gets the name wrong...

Phillip is a warlock, and a damn good one at that. A famed graduate of Jewelem, a partner in starting his and Dan's guild. Known to many as Beta. After Dan is captured, he thinks the boy for dead and creates a blog about the war between Jewelem and the Dragon empire.

After Dan's supposed death, Juno, a highschool student started co-leading with Beta, protecting her best friend Phil from getting hurt by the Dragon empire. Unfortunately, her attempts at protection are futile as the message is received.

First draft, may change in the future.

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