Water Surprise!

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So, I'm a writer. I think we've established that fact, don't you? I write books, just like this one you're reading right now.

I love doing this. I can completely lose myself for hours when I'm creating a story. I also love seeing my books on my bookcase. I have a particular shelf that has various copies of Sin, with each of the three covers it's had, along with Puddlebrain, Snow and others.

And now, as you'll see in the video, I can add one more to the shelf...!

I'm very excited by this. The book looks and feels great and I may well have to read it all over again! It's part dedicated to the divine alessandra  for her enthusiasm and for believing in the fact that I could actually write this! And for one of the more unusual conversations of my life - and trust me, I've actually told my older daughter to stop hypnotising her much younger sister!

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