CANNIBAL (chap 4)

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<P>Chaper 4</P>

<P>Sofia's pov</P>

<P>After skidding into the forest and hiding the bike, we quickly but quietly clime one of the creepers stuck to the compound walls and slip in through my window the just as the sun breaches the horizon. We colapse in a bundle on my floor, too tired to get up. We hear the first stirrings of our fellow compounders, waking at the crack of dawn for to follow the same routine that they follow every day at the compound- wake-up, dress, breakfast, lessons, break, free time, lunch, physical education, dinner, sleep. If I didn't have the freedome of the nightime and the thrill ofvamp hunting to look forward to, I think I might have gone mad a long time ago.</P>

<P>"I should go before Ms Wobert finds me in your room again," sighs Dean, untangling himself from me and clambering up. He stumbles to the door and opens it, checking that the coast is clear before giving me a sleepy wink and slinking out of my room, closing the door softly behind him.</P>

<P>Ms Wobert is the head warden of Rosington ( the name of the compound, though would more appropriatly be named Hell if Dean and I had our say) is the meanest bitch alive. I've lost the number of times Dean and I have been starved or beaten for straying from her precious schedual. She'd always say things like "You don't follow orders, you don't eat" right before cutting of our food supply for the next two days. I think every kid in this place has experienced the bite of her cane and the sharp pangs of hunger at least twice in this place. I think my hatred of her is the only thing that I share in common with the other normal kids here.</P>

<P>Though I'm the only one that she didn't succeed in beating her will into. No matter how many times she stopped my meals or beat me 'till I could hardly stand, I wouldn't reveal what animal I was to anyone (other than Dean, though he found out by accident). It took her at least three months to finally give up on my ever revealing my secret though her cruelty, though it doesn't stop her from trying to get at me in any way she can while coming up with a reason for her punishment to the other wardens. The other wardens don't lay a harsh hand on anyone, but don't go thinking they're the good guys. They might not like getting their hands dirty but they sure don't mind turning us over to Ms Wobert if we turn up late for lessons or letting her 'morally fair' cruelty continue. They believe that if we do something wrong, then her actions are justified. I hate them all.</P>

<P>I realize that I've been lying on the floor for the good part of ten minutes. I heave myself up, still grumbling about the injustice of this place. I hurry through another door and into the bathroom that me and Josh (the guy in the room next to mine) have to share. I tiredly strip out of my clothes, lock both doors and step into the shower. As soon as I turn the knob, hot water gushes out of the shower head and I let out a loud sigh. I feel my back muscles, which had been tense since I bumped into ex-scary-red-eyed-vampire, begin to relax. I scrub my face clear of makeup and rinse the lingering smell of smoke from my hair. Suddenly there's a loud knock on one of the doors I'd locked and hear someone pacing on the other side.</P>

<P>"Would you be so kind as to get your ass out of there so that I can pee and do my hair?"</P>

<P>"Sorry Josh! I'll be out in just a sec."</P>

<P>I turn off the heavenly water, wrap a towel around me and hurriedly stuff my clothes in the washing basket before unlocking and opening his door. A boy just a little taller than me is hunched on the other side, holding his privates while impatiently tapping his feet. His short, glossy golden hair is tangled up in a bed-head that looks totally adorable. His large, beautiful green eyes look up at me through thick lashes that any girl would kill for and full lips that on any other guy would look ridiculous, but he works it, especially when he grins at me as he shuffles past into the bathroom.</P>

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