The Oath

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The man just blinked, his face unreadable.

Rachel couldn't help but notice the way his gleeful expression quickly disappeared.

I'm so selfish... She thought to herself as she looked away from his bicolor eyes.


"Do you think... You could kill me now?"

The way she said it so effortlessly made him sick.

He was silent as he pondered his exact words.

Could I kill her?

Well of course he could, he knew that it'd be quite easy to swing his scythe but there was something else... Something holding him back..

Unhappy memories of B3 popped into his mind.

He thought back to the exact moment that his hand was around her neck. He could have done it, he would have done it..
But then the girl said something that made him temporarily snap out of his drug induced state.

What was it again?

Her face popped in his mind next, that weird expression and soft eyes.

"Zack, are you ok with this?"

His eyes narrowed.

Truth was, he wasn't ok with it, he would never be OK with it.

Just the thought of killing her with that dead expression on her face made him nauseous.
But was that the only reason? He'd been using it as an excuse.. just like he used their oath as the only reason he came for her, the reason he escaped from prison.

But deep down he felt something else, something he hasn't quite experienced before.

Had he.... Became fond of the brat?

His breath hitched at the thought, wanting to deny it up and down, that she was just an annoying brat that meant nothing to him..

But he did hate liars.. so now the question was how?
They had such an unusual bond, solely built upon this oath for him to kill her and he agreed... He had always assured her that he would do it, that he would deliver the final blow, but now that the time has come, he wasn't sure if he could deliver.

I'm such a selfish asshole...


"Zack..?" The girl called, noticing the slight quiver of his upper lip and the death grip on his scythe.

He muttered something beneath his breath as he closed his eyes, a scowl working its way onto his face.

I've made him angry..

"You couldn't have just let me rest for one fucking second.."

She snapped out of her thoughts to look at him curiously, his eyes still closed and head facing forward.

"Sorry...?" She mumbled looking down at her hands.

"Yeah you should be, damn it! I spent all those months trying to find ya and then we get our first moment of peace and the first thing ya have to say is..." He trailed off as his eyes opened, Ray noticing that he was desperately trying to hide his voice and expression with anger but she could hear the slight change of tone..

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