Chapter 7

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Blue locked the doors to his car and walked up to a beautiful brick house with a two car garage. Once he made it to the tall, white door, he opened the glass screen door and firmly knocked.

"I'm cominngg." A tiny woman with short black hair and pretty hazel eyes answered, swinging the door open. Blue smiled and she moved out the way for him to come in. The house smelt of apple cinnamon air freshener and felt cool as he walked in.

"Hey mama," he said giving her a bear hug after she closed the door.

Angelina rubbed his back and dug her head into his chest, "Hey baby, how are you?" She sighed deeply.

Blue kissed his mothers forehead and they departed.

"I've been good ma," he lied, "wassup witchu, you straight?" He took a seat on her clean white couch.

Angelina face turned sad, "I'm making it."

Every since Taiji's funeral, Blue has been checking on his mother everyday. Each day she was balling her eyes out, but today, she was doing better. Blue was actually happy that she was getting through it the best she could, because he wasn't.

"You know.. everyday I think about my daughter. I think about her face— the last time I saw her she was smiling," a tear slip down Angelina's cheek and she took a seat next to her son, "I just don't understand how somebody could do that to her, you know?"

Blue clenched his jaws and rubbed his hand over her face thinking about it.

"This whole thing scares me," she continued and wipe her tears, "I don't wanna lose you too—"

"Ma, you'een gotta worry bout me." He cut her off.

"Quinton, you know what your doing could land you in a lot of trouble. I don't wanna be that mom who has to bury her children, or the one who has to talk to you through a phone and a glass because you're locked up in jail!" She snapped.

Blue held a straight face as he looked at her cry. He knew everything she was saying was true and he didn't want that for himself or her. At the end of the day, he still had to do what needed to be done in order for them to live a good life.

Angelina shook her head and went into the kitchen to get a cigarette, "you think just because you have money, houses and cars that everything is okay, right?" She said lighting the cigarette and putting it to her mouth, "what happens when you don't have all of that, huh?"

Blue didn't say word.

"You think just because the boys on the streets respect you that your just safe to do anything? Well the police ain't gone kiss up to yo ass, and there are people who'll stab you in the back as quick as you blink your eye. Honey, you are a black man, you don't have shit easy. They'll eat you up and spit you right on out," she preached blowing smoke in the air.

The last thing Angelina wanted to do was lead her only son wrong. She loved him with all her heart and don't know what she'll do if she lost him. He was like her hero. Always there for her, made sure she had everything needed and wanted. Not even that, she just loved being around him because of the simple fact that he was her son.

Whether Blue likes it or not, his mother was right.

"Mama, I got so much shit going on in my life that I'm trying to fix for my sake," he spoke up.

Angelina went back into the living room to face him.

"You'ont think I know how this game works? Man, I know and the last thing I'm trying to do is get caught up. Put yo self in my shoes bro. You'een got no idea how I'm feelin," his light brown eyes connected with her hazel ones.

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