My diary?!

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Drac was already in bed by now, sleeping peaceful. Suddenly, loud noise woke him up. He opened the lid of his coffin, seeing two shadows under his door.

"Connor you rat bag, give me back my diary!"

He knew that voice. He moaned out loud, "Oh no, not her."

Something was coming from underneath his door. He went over to pick it up..."a book?" "Connor, I am going to kill you!!!" Drac heard someone else laugh hysterical, while running away. Suddenly, a knock got his attention, "Ehm...excuse me? May I have my book back please?"

The moment Drac opened the door, he was greeted by an annoyed moan, "Oh no, not you!"

"Yes it is nice to see you too" he said sarcastically.

He followed my eyes, focusing at the item in his hand. Drac saw her panic, a he wanted to check the contents of the book. "Nooo, don't read that!" I said, jumping in front of him. Drac lifted the book up, just like Connor, smiling evil, "What is in this book?"

"That is none of your business!"

"In that case" he said, pushing me out the door with his powers. Locking the door shut, he got back into his coffin. Outside was I banging at the door, desperately to get my diary back. Which he started to read now, especially the last pages. After five minutes of silence, I feared the worst. I ran back to Lora and hugged her tight, "Connor is an ass Lora!!!!" "I assume he gave it to the count?" I nodded, crying out loud.

In the meantime, Drac was still holding my book in his hands. His mouth was widely open, shocked of what he had read so far. Not surprised that I wanted it back so badly. Closing the diary slowly, he turned into his usual clothes and cape. As much as he didn't want to get near me, but reading my diary was even to him unforgivable. He didn't even read his daughters diary, knowing that this is a private thing that should be kept a secret. Drac feels bad, knowing my deepest secrets now. He wants to apologize for this; bringing back my book in is the best thing he can do.

In the meantime, Lora tried her best to wipe away my tears.

But the water kept on coming, making my shirt wet. "I hate Connor!" I whined, hitting the pillow beside me, "I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!!!!!" "N/A honey, he can be impossible sometimes, but think of the bright side it gives you."

"No diary, some stranger knows all my secrets now and Connor still sucks. What is the bright side again?"

"The man you like knows your feelings now and this might give you a perfect way to make a first move on him."

I moaned out loud, "Of course, what was I thinking? This is the brightest side ever. But you seem to forget one crucial point here."

Lora didn't understand, "And what is that N/A?"

"I am not freaking interested in this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"I get it Lora."

On my way there, she tried to understand this, "But what you wrote in your diary..."

I turned back to her, finishing her sentence,"...was nothing but a fantasy of my head. It meant nothing!"

I didn't hear the person walk into our room.

"A men N/A"

"AMEN Lora!"

I went back around, facing the vampire now, "Ahhhh a man!"

Drac sighted, "Obviously. May I talk to private?"

I didn't want to, trying to make an excuse for him to leave. If there wasn't this so-called-friend of mine, "Of course you can Count...see you later N/A!"


Cow, I thought. Was that really necessary? What is it, that Dracula want from me anyway and in private?

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