"Jonathan?" Lilah sang as she opened the door to his house and stepped inside, her eyes searching the narrow hallway. There were no lights that she could see, leaving her surrounded by darkness. As her eyes adjusted to the lack of light, she glanced at an old clock that hung on the wall, she frowned slightly, it was only 7:00pm. There was no way that he had gone to bed and it had been quite some time since they had parted earlier in the day. 

"In here, Lilah." Letting out a small sigh of relief, Lilah followed the sound of Jonathan's voice, she found herself in the living room, her eyes set onto Jonathan who was slumped down on the couch, his tie was thrown on the ground carelessly and his white shirt had the top two buttons undone, in his hands, he held the 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow'; a small lamp as his only source of light. He truly did love that book, it was perhaps the only thing she knew of that he held close to his otherwise black, cold heart. 

"I've got us some thugs." She smiled lightly, moving closer towards Jonathan whose eyes were focused on the book, his glasses looked like they were about to fall off the end of his nose. As she moved closer, he looked up at her with a soft smile, he looked tired,

"I had no doubt that you would return with anything less" He replied with a small smirk before setting the book down on the small table beside the couch and rising to his feet, his eyes looking around the room before back at her, "I thought you would have been back sooner.." He said in an apathetic tone of voice. Lilah wasn't sure, but despite that, she swore she heard a hint of concern in his tone, "I've been waiting for you. There is something I wish to discuss." He added, sending a series of chills up Lilah's spine. There was something about that, that made her uneasy. 

"I caught up with a few people." She replied slyly, her eyes fixated on Jonathan who moved towards one of the walls, flicking a switch and causing the room to light up. She had no intention of telling Jonathan about Thomas or about her chat with Mercious. 

"I see." He mumbled under his breath, she could see on his face that he wasn't completely satisfied with her answer, but he wasn't foolish enough to pressure something her about it. He of all people knew how stubborn she was. Lilah tilted her head, 

"And Falcone?" she asked. She had been curious as to what Falcone's fate would be. Flashing her a quick smile, Jonathan moved towards her, 

"He has seemingly fallen to madness. It seems he couldn't handle Blackgate. He was transferred to Arkham a few hours ago." Stopping only a few inches in front of her, Jonathan's smile faded slightly as he reached his hand out, running his index finger over the cut on her lip, "What happened here?" He asked. 

"Nothing." She answered. Jonathan's eyes flicked up to meet hers before back down to her lip, 

"Someone did this to you, obviously." He said in his usual matter-of-factly tone of voice, "Who?"

"An old friend." Lilah answered stiffly, she hadn't seen Jonathan act like this since Arkham Asylum. Sometimes she wondered just how sane he actually was.  

"Does this 'old friend' have a name?" Jonathan asked, his expression was hard to read, causing Lilah to frown slightly. She hadn't expected him to act like this. She thought he would have been pleased to know that she had succeeded in their plans. 

"It doesn't matter." Lilah said, pulling away from him. Jonathan was quiet, his eyes once again scanning the room before he took a tight hold of her forearm and pushed her against the wall, pressing his body up against hers and holding her in place. Lilah's eyes widened as every ounce of strength she believed that she possessed left her, leaving only a trembling girl in the arms of a monster. "What are you doing?" She asked softly, trying to refrain from anything that could result in her sounding disrespectful or sarcastic.

"You once told me that I was the only one you feared. Is that still true?" He asked, placing his forearm across her neck, giving her no chance of an easy escape. Taking a small breath, she couldn't help but allow a small smile to cross her features. 

"No." She answered. Loosening his grip slightly, he tilted his head, his brow furrowing in thought. Lilah continued, "I understand you. Didn't you always say to master Fear you have to first understand it." She smirked. Jonathan gave her a short nod, moving his arm from her neck and instead, placing his hand on her cheek.

"I want my payment." He whispered. There was something in his eyes, something she had only seen in Thomas' eyes. But Jonathan wasn't insane. He was eccentric perhaps even sadist, but not insane. 

"What do you want?" Lilah was calm her eyes locked onto his. She had been curious as to what Jonathan wanted from her. He hadn't actually voiced his payment.  Leaning forward, Jonathan gave her a smile that was too cruel to even be called a smile. Pushing against his chest, Lilah attempted to push him off of her, she wasn't going to go through those horrid five months again, there was no way she would allow anyone to ever do those things to her again. Grabbing both of her wrists, Jonathan pinned her hands either side of her head, a look of irritation on his face, 

"Enough of that. You swore that you would pay the price." He cooed, tilting his head almost playfully at her. Lilah laughed lightly, 

"You haven't told me what you want. Defining the terms. Isn't that the beginning of any debate?" Letting her go, he stepped back, 

"This is not a debate." 

"You could have fooled me." She spat back at him, her eyes narrowing, "What's the matter, sweetie?" She mocked, "Had a bad day at the office? Need someone to take your anger out on?" She asked, her tone becoming harsh as she spoke, "Find another toy to take your frustrations out on, Crane." 

"Just tell me you'll give me what I want." His tone was still as demanding as before, yet, at the same time, it had become softer. Pursing his lips, Jonathan averted his eyes, "I won't hurt you, anymore." Stepping towards him slowly, she watched him with caution, maybe he was just as sane as her and Thomas. Looking back up at her, he stared at her emotionless- waiting for an answer, 

"Fine." Lilah answered, finally giving in, "I'll give you whatever you want.." She said, causing Jonathan to smile lightly, once again walking back towards her, 

"The thing that I want... is rather simple.." He began, coming closer and closer towards her, "I want..." Cupping her face, he paused for a few short seconds, "You."

"You have me." Lilah whispered back, bringing her hands up to cover his, Jonathan shook his head, 

"You don't understand." He muttered bitterly. Staring at him, Lilah kept quiet, perhaps she did understand, more than Jonathan would ever know. He didn't love her, just as she didn't love him, in some ways, she doubted either of them would ever know the feeling of love. But what they had was the closest she would ever know. Leaning forward, Lilah cupped Jonathan's face, bringing it towards her before pressing her lips against his, causing Jonathan to stiffen. She thought it would have been rather uncomfortable, kissing the man who caused her so much pain and torment, yet, there was something that left her wanting more. Pulling back slowly, Lilah looked at him.,

"I understand." She assured Jonathan, who wore a rather wicked smile on his face, brushing his fingertips over her cheek. "I'm your Mistress of Fear... aren't I?" Leaning forward, Jonathan gently pecked her lips,

"You're mine. Do you understand me?" He smirked, "I don't want any other man to ever touch you." Lilah returned a small smile,

"Who else can I possibly go running off to?" She asked, placing her hands around his neck. Jonathan looked down at her, resting his hands on her hips,

"Will you tell me who hurt you?" He asked.

"Never." She replied. As Jonathan opened his mouth to speak, Lilah cut him off with a second kiss that Jonathan responded to by hoisting her into the air with ease. This was a win-win situation for both of them. Both had gained an ally, a valuble, trustworthy ally. But this was not love. Merely insanity. A mistake she would not make again.

Authors Note: Pay Attention to the last line "But this was not love. Merely insanity. A mistake she would not make again."Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge. 

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