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Emma snuggles closer to Sebastian. Their bodies are still sweaty from the magic that happened just a few moments ago. 

"This is everything," she hears him say. Emma nods, looking through the large window that gives away one of the most peaceful landscapes in the world. 

"I agree," she says. "The palm trees, the soft sand... everything about this place is amazing." Emma innocently continues. A few seconds go by and Sebastian's response is just chuckles. His cute, short chuckles.

"I'm talking about you, Jones." He explains. Ems looks up at him - his eyes are so clear and shiny right now that she's able to see her reflection on them. 

"I'm not an expert at romantic comebacks so," she pauses which makes him raise an eyebrow. "I'll stick to this," Emma whispers, pressing her lips against his.

"HEY! ENOUGH! LET'S GO! GO GO GO!" There's a crazy amount of knocks on the door that makes both of them jump.

"ONE MINUTE!" Sebastian shouts back.

"That's Sarah," Emma starts sitting up.

"No," Seb groans. "That's drunk Sarah," he keeps pulling her closer to his body again. "And drunk Sarah doesn't care about us being late-"

"COME ON! I FOUND A KARAOKE BAR NEARBY! THEY HAVE ABBA SONGS, WHOOOO!" Sarah interrupts, screaming once more.

Now Sebastian is the one sitting up. "HA!" Emm laughs. "You'd leave me just like that for karaoke?"

"Hmmmm," he mocks. "I'm a hoe for ABBA songs... So yeah."

"Stupid-ass." She laughs at his silliness and starts getting dressed.


emsjones drunk on margaritas 🍸#hawaii

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emsjones drunk on margaritas 🍸#hawaii

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"Okay, what the hell is her problem?" Emma complains as the music keeps blasting. The rest of the guys are drinking and singing but she's too tired for that at this point. Instead, she's sitting next to Leslie and Chace who refuses to drink so he's not another person on Leslie's hate list.

"What?" Leslie asks, taking a bite of her hamburger. 

"Sebastian's ex," her eyes keep looking at the screen. "Look at this comment she left on my post."

"Damn, she's begging for it." Leslie swallows hard before grabbing her own phone.

"No, please don't respond." Emma tries to stop Leslie from starting an online riot.

"She's been liking your pictures, clearly picking on you and you won't do anything?

"I think she's right, Les." Chace speaks up. "Don't add more wood to the fire. Margarita is kind of an attention seeker. If you reply you'll give her what she wants."

"Yeah, I agree." Emma nods slowly.

"She turned that caption around real quickly tough," Chace laughs.

"Sebastian never talks to me about her," Emma finally locks her phone and puts it some."How was their relationship?-"

"C'mon, babe-" Sebastian appears from behind her, cutting off the conversation. "Sarah and Bruno just challenged us for a break dance. Guess what," he says while picking her up in his arms and walking up to the dancing area. "I want to win."

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