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A week passed since his last conversation with Louis and Harry was extremely worried. He would talk in the group chat with everyone but Louis. He was there but he never replied. Zayn assured them all that he was doing okay.

Harry was sitting beside Gemma's bed. She had just got done eating breakfast. She sent their parents and her husband to get something to eat. Harry stayed back and assured her that he would get something to eat on the way home. He was going to talk to her and spend time with her while Louis was pushed to the back of his mind. Gemma was more important right now but he still wanted to know what was going on with Louis.

"I had a weird dream." Gemma said, pushing her hair behind her ear.

"What was it about?"

"I'm not sure. All I remember is a guy with blue eyes talking about you. It was strange. I think his name was Louis."

"What?" Harry gasped.

"The flowers right there are from someone named Louis. Harry, I swear someone was in my room talking to me about you."

"I do have a friend named Louis but you haven't met him yet." Harry spoke, feeling confused. 

"Maybe he was here then." She replied, sitting up slowly, "Either way, once I'm feeling up to meeting new people I definitely want to meet him."

Harry nodded and squeezed her hand, "Of course you will."

The two talked about what had been going on with Harry at work and what Gemma and Taylor may possibly name the baby. If they decided to find out the gender. 

"Taylor has ideas for a girl but I'm set on a boy." Gemma told him, "We still have a lot of time to figure that out."

"If you all need anything please let me know."

"I will, Harry."

Liam and Niall were arguing over the TV when Harry walked through the front door. He laughed when he saw the small patch of missing hair on the back of Nialls' head. It was starting to grow back but you could still tell that his hair had been cut.

"What are you two arguing about?" Harry asked, kicking off his shoes.

"I want to watch a movie."

"I want to play a game!"

Harry sighed, "Guys, why don't we go out and do something tonight?"

Niall and Liam looked at each other before looking at Harry.

"I can live with that." Liam nodded, "It'd be nice to get out actually." 

Niall put down the controller, "Have you heard from Louis?"

"Not yet." Harry spoke, "I hope to hear from him soon. I really miss him. Lets get ready and we can leave early to get something to eat." 

TopTommo: Hi my squishy.

StylishStyles: Louis?? are you okay?? what happened?? i missed you so much.

TopTommo: awe you angel. i missed you too darling. i'm okay, harry. i promise. just going through some issues and i didn't want to bother you with them.

StylishStyles: you could never bother me. well you did in the beginning but not now. i'm your friend and i'm here for you.

TopTommo: fuck, harry.

StylishStyles: what? lol.

TopTommo: i just really fuckiNG MISSED YOU. You haven't posted on instagram and i miss your face.😢😢

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