XXXV: Amphrite

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Blame— Bastille

Poseidon watched Psyche dance among the sun touched waves, grey dancers of the deep followed along beside her as she threw fish at them in giddy delight whenever they spun in the air of waved at her with their grey fins. He marveled at the ease of her transition from palace drudgery to this strange adventure and the underwater world.

Poseidon's dark side melted just a little as they walked the ocean floor each day. Her effervescent fervor had reinvigorated him. The world brightened with her around, and she did not even realize it. Her curiosity and naive eye gave him a new glimpse into what his world could be. She was unphased by the limitations of her humanity. Psyche continued to find ways of ingratiating herself with creatures of the deep. Moray eels, dolphins, and fish of all kinds expressed curiosity at her arrival and then love of her presence.

The impetuous dolphins called to her, and she held out an 'unfinned' foot and shrugged. They chittered back and then proceeded to show her the power of their tails by 'running' on the surface of the water. Poseidon laughed as Psyche imitated their dance on land.

It had only been a week since they had run away from her castle prison and Hera's jealousy, together. Psyche moved with the bountiful joy of a child which existed in the body of an elegant enchantress. Each moment he shared with her was more unforgettable than the last. Her curiosity, spirit, and delight in the undiscovered made him feel things he had forsaken. The salt-air brushed Poseidon's hair away from his face. The lids of his eyes lowered as he luxuriated in the sounds of the peaceful island. Not even the rumbling of the disquieted mountain could ruin this moment, or so he thought.

His ear twitched at the sound of light footprints behind him. Poseidon's right hand reached for his spear and the left for his serrated dagger. Weapons he kept close as part of their underwater journeys, not all ocean creatures were curious in a friendly way. Poseidon preferred constant preparation, for enemies on both sea and land. Including the ones that approached him from behind. He lept up from the crags and spun in the air. He balanced on three limbs bracing himself against any attack and using his knowledge of the cliffside to his advantage.

"Easy boy," Zeus held his arms up in blatant surrender his eyes never left the serrated edge of Poseidon's spear.

Poseidon cocked his spear and growled, "Give me one good reason not to skewer that slimy womanizing face off those pretty bronze shoulders."

Hades stepped around from behind Zeus and Poseidon dropped his weapon. It was as if he was staring into a mirror of a parallel dimension. The man before him was eerily similar in appearance to Poseidon in almost every feature. He examined the aquamarine eyes that swirled with ethereal energy, the pale skin, and the firm curve of his jaw. Even the ebony hair was almost identical except this gentleman's hair was a bit shorter with a gentle wave to it. Poseidon kept his wild and free as the ocean itself.

The man addressed him directly, "brother."

Poseidon dropped his weapons; and stared at the man who seemed to be a distorted version of his reflection. 

Poseidon felt Hades' eyes linger on his scar and then heard his grave voice, barely a whisper, say the words he would have died to hear, "I am sorry."

"I've had my peace with it, Hades." Poseidon moved his attention back to the man he hated more than anything else in the world, "It is you I have not nor will I ever make peace with."

"We saved you," Zeus protested against Poseidon's anger.

"You enslaved me," Poseidon growled, The image of the joyful woman with dark hair and tropical blue eyes playing in the waves flashed in his mind. He gritted his teeth in a desperate hope that Psyche remained far away at the shore. She did not need to see this part of his past; royalty does not mingle with slaves or even freemen. Poseidon had kept the brand on his shoulder carefully hidden from her prying eyes. Even in their intimate moments, he had found ways of concealing it.

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