Trouble in Paradise

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The plan was simple. Harry would flirt with Lola, thus leading her somewhere where a bucket of spoiled shrimp will be waiting. Gil will be waiting until Lance gets into the locker room showers, where Gil with be stealing every piece of clothing down to the last sock. Laura would be the one to dump the shrimp.

"Are we ready?" Willow asked. Her friends nodded and left, time for work.

PART 1: Flirting

Harry strutting his way to where Laura said Lola would be. At the same time Lola had walked out of her class with a group of friends. Harry put on a flirtations and leaned over to the lockers.

"Hey there Lola."

"Harry Hook, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your pregnant girlfriend?" Lola spatted. Harry would have snapped back at her for talking in that tone with him, but didn't want to ruin the plan.

"I've been thinking about ye and I just had to see ye." He said smoothly. Lola blushed a bit at the words but quickly put on a face that meant 'whatever'. Harry leaned in a bit, face to face with Lola. "I think I might be in love with ye."


PART 2: Clothes Stealing

Gil acted as natural as can be when the lacrosse team walked pass. After about twenty some minutes, all of the lacrosse members left, all except one. Everyone knew how the son of Lancelot felt about showering with someone else there, that's why he ends up showering last after everyone had left. Gil snuck into the locker rooms, waited to hear the water running, before snatching up all of Lance' clothes and the jersey he just had on. He even took the extra pairs of clothing he kept in his locker.

Gil quickly bolted out of there. Just as he was about to walk away from the door, he could hear...

"WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CLOTHES!?" Gil smirked in victory.

PART 3: Stinky Shrimp

"We were made for each other." Harry continues. Lola stood there with a shocking happy face on. She thought that she had taken away the love of her soon-to-be step-sister's life.

"You've finally come to your senses." Lola said with a smirk on her face.

"I have. Maybe we should talk somewhere more... private?" Harry smirked. Lola gave a giggle before letting Harry drag her to where he needed to take her.

"So, what made you come to your senses?" Lola asked. Harry quickly true to think of something to say but couldn't figure anything. Instead he stopped her questioning by giving her a kiss. Lola was shocked she felt butterflies in her stomach. Harry, however, didn't feel a thing. He was like when he kisses Willow. To him, kissing Willow is like falling for her all over again.

Lola kissed back but Harry pulled away. He led her to a part of the school that was empty. No students. He opened the door to an empty classroom, he let Lola walk in first.

What Lola didn't know was that Laura and Gil were hiding behind the teacher's desk in the back of the room.

"What about your baby?" Lola pried. Harry kept from rolling him eyes.

"Ye ask too many questions." Harry smirked before booping her nose. In the back Laura and Gil walked slowly over with two large buckets of spoiled shrimp. Why Lola couldn't smell them from there was beyond what Harry was thinking.

"Ya know what I've been thinking?"


"How it must have been funny to ya to play with someone's feeling. To just crush them into nothing." Harry growled lowly. Lola gulped.

"W-what are you t-talking about?"

"Ya know what I'm talking about. No one hurts Uma or else Willow gets angry, which makes me angry." Harry growled. Laura and Gil lift the buckets up the top of Lola's head and dumped it. Harry jumped out of the way in time for it. Lola shrieked in grossness. Gil, Laura and Harry ran out if the room in time for the last class to end. Students piled out of class to see and smell Lola covered with the shrimp.

"WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?!" Then came running a naked, but with a towel covered his bottom half, Lance. Everyone around laughed at the couple in front of them. Lance looked to see his clothes in the hands of Gil. Gil waved the clothing in front of Lance to mock him.

"That'll teach you for messing with my captain." Gil growled lowly. It was not like him to be vicious but in this time, it was needed. Harry did not miss when Gil seemed a bit possessive.

"Don't mess with the captain and the crew won't mess with you." A voice said from behind Lola and Lance. Lola turned around to see the princess of Camelot, Willow mocking her. Lola stared at Willow now grown belly.

"You are so going to regret this." Lola screeched. She stood in front of Willow, glaring daggers at her and Willow did the same.

"No, I don't think I will." Willow spoke. She had a smirk on his face, Harry had him arm around the red haired witch.

"What's going on here?" Students stepped to the side to let Headmaster Merlin pass. He saw what was happening and tried to hid his laughter.

"Merlin, I suggest that you kick them out of Camelot." Lola demands, pointing at the the ones who just humiliated her in front of the whole school.

"Who died and made you queen of anything?" A random student asked, others agreed with them. "I don't remember the world revolving around you."

"Alright everyone back to class. You four come with me." Merlin pointed at Harry, Willow, Laura, and Gil. Lola stomped off, "Lance, do I have to suspend you for not wearing clothes?"

Lance snatched his clothes from Gil and ran off. They all walked to Merlin's office.

"Are you gonna call our parents or something?" Willow asked.

"If you think about it, Laura is Merlin's kid so he'd be calling himself." Gil joked, but no one laughed.

"No I'm not, I should, but I'm not going to. I must admit that what you do was funny, but the three of you," Merlin pointed at Harry, Gil, and Willow. "... are here to show that you're not a threat."

"I take full responsibility. It was my idea and I just couldn't let someone hurt my friend." Willow said. Merlin gave her a nod before looking at his own daughter.

"Laura, I'm surprised you had anything to do with this. What would your mother say?"

"That I did the right this by sticking up for friends?" Laura tried to go out of trouble but Merlin saw right through it.



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