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-Chapter 29

Month Four

Third Person's Point of View:

Jungkook was watching his hyung does all sorts of tricks in the ice skating rink while there he was, refusing to join him in hopes of atleast getting a call from Lisa.

"Jungkook ah! When are you going to stop glancing on your phone from time to time?" Jimin asked Jungkook as he skated near to the guy.

Jungkook was slightly surprised that Jimin was aware of his actions but he subsided his surprised expression. "I'm not stopping." He told him firmly as the older guy rolled his eyes.

"I'm going to sell your computer if you don't join me." He threatened. He already used that threat loads of times but Jungkook still took it seriously considering how much of a deep sleeper he is. Even if he locks his door, Jimin has some unpredictable lockpicking skills that he could not underestimate.

"Alright, alright." Jungkook said as he headed towards the ice skating shoes' section. He wears the skates and stood over the edge of the rink.

"I don't know about this, hyung. Maybe I should go check it now-" Jimin pushes him onto the rink before he could say anything else.

"Stop thinking about her, Kook. She doesn't deserve you if she's going to act all snobby just because she's in another country." Jimin says as he rolled his eyes at the thought of her. Jungkook could only purse his lips as he had nothing to say.

That's it. That's the reason on why Jimin never really favored the girl his younger friend had loved. Sure, there were struggles and he witnessed them all but still, the boy can't help but still feel doubts about the girl.

Especially when there were times that she lied to him straight in the face without knowing that he knows the truth behind the it.

The lies had good intentions, as Jungkook had told him every single time.

"I'm sure that she's just busy hyung." Jungkook spoke as Jimin gave him a seemingly irritated visage.

"What kind of busy person "seenzones" her boyfriend?" He questioned him and unexpectedly, Jungkook laughs.

"I'm sure it's just a glitch." He smiled and effortlessly started skating gracefully around the rink.

"Yeah, right." Jimin says under his breath and followed Jungkook.

Jimin's skating was interrupted by the vibration in his left pocket. He knew what it was and glanced at Jungkook's direction, he can see him guiding a little girl and he smiled at the sight.

He took the phone from his pocket and entered his phone password. How did he know? He glances at his phone from time to time whenever he had something he didn't like.

He swipes the black bar down and clicks the message notification. To his surprise, it was a message from Lisa.

My One and Only Limario <3

Do you really think
I would be fooled by
your sweet nothings?
I'm a grown woman
and I know when to
differentiate the truths
from lies, so why are
you acting like nothing
happened? Are you really
enjoying your nights
with Yeri? Well, I hope
you are. Have fun!


Now stop trying to call me.
We broke up.

Jimin read the text with gritted teeth and fist clenched in anger.

Jungkook doesn't deserve to see this, he thought as he deleted the message. He hid the phone back into his pocket as he skated to Jungkook.

Now, he is really determined to keep him away from Lisa.

-Chapter 29 End

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