Author's note

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Okay first of all this book is dedicated to my bestfriend LovethOwah hehe chicken I wrote this book for you.

It's an early birthday gift from me to you and I hope you see it whenever you install wattpad back

I love you <3

Secondly, thanks to all those who read this book, like I said I'll decide to write a book two if you want.

I wrote this book in two days can't you see I'm a genius?

Ouch my back hurts, I haven't moved in hours.

My name is Cecilia but I hate it when people call me that so just call me Cecil, most of the things I wrote here are about me and my bestfriend I know interesting right?

And lastly I'll like it if ya'll check my book 'ketchup girl' if you like this book then you're definitely gon love it oof I ran out of words.

Once again thank you all.

See you all again in book two— if I ever write one.


Cecil out<3

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