Chapter 14

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"Welcome to my room" Nick announced as he pushed the door open.

I took a step inside and looked around.


His room was


Unlike mine that was stuffy and scattered and covered in posters of Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes and Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran and basically all the other celebrities I love.

What? I'm a teen I'm supposed to have posters in my room duhh.

Now back to Nick's room.

The floors were tiled and the ceilings were covered in dark blue while the walls were painted light blue.

He must love blue.

The bed was a kinged sized one and there were some wooden drawers beside it

Obviously where he keeps his underwears

Eww don't think about it.

Everywhere was arranged neatly and the floors were sparkling clean, I'm pretty sure Nick didn't clean this by himself.

"I'm pretty sure you don't clean this room by yourself" I said turning to face him

"Is it that obvious?" He asked placing his hand and the back of his head as his cheeks turned red

Aww is he blushing?

Yes he is blushing

This is so cute.

"It is" I replied going to sit down on his bed

And for a minute or two a huge silence fell upon us and neither of us was sure of what to say.

"So Cecilia" he started but I cut him off

"Nick don't"

"Woah woah come on its your name and its sound cool Cecilia, I like it— Cecilia"

"Nick seriously don't" I warned

"Or what?" He asked coming closer to me then I took a deep breath

"Or I'll kill you"

"Ooh I'm scared" he teased "well I'll like to see you try— Cecilia"

"Oh Melton I'm going to get you" I screamed jumping on him and we both landed on the floor.

"Get off me nerd you weigh like a thousand pounds" he cried

"Hehe told ya I was going to get you, not a chance Nick" I said hitting him playfully on his head and before I knew what was going on he was on top of me and I froze.

"Say something nerd what? Cat got your tongue?"

"Get off me Nick" I managed to say but it came out more as a squeak than a protest

He was close

Too close

His breath was fanning me

It felt so sweet

And I couldn't think straight

Not at all, it was as if my senses had abandoned me and ran away when I needed them the most and before I knew it he pressed his lips on mine.

Oh kiss sweet sweet kiss

Its been a while I tasted those lips.

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