Chapter 13

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Immediately I stepped foot in his house I was greeted with the smell of fresh baked cookies.

Mmh makes me want cookies

"I'm home mom" Nick announced as he threw his bag on the floor and immediately a maid came and picked it up.

Spoilt brat

He's obviously a spoilt rich kid

No wonder he acts like a jerk

"Sweetheart how was school?" A middle aged woman who I assumed to be Nick's mother asked coming out of the kitchen in an apron.

"Fine I guess" Nick replied scratching the back of his head.

So she won't ask him why he's back so early? She probably doesn't care if he skipped school or not. Hehe I trust my mother, my dead boy would be on its way to the mortuary if I ever came back from school by this time.

"So erm mum meet my girlfriend Cecil" he said pointing to me then she removed her gaze and fixed it on me.

"Is she the one you told me about?" She asked smiling as she studied my appearance.

I really wish I had this woman as a mother, my mum would bombard me with questions if ever brought home a stranger, I remembered the day Nick came over. She acted as if it was all cool in front of him but when I came back that night she almost murdered me with different questions threatening to tell my dad if I don't answer her questions.

My dad himself isn't so cheery or friendly

Okay let me put it this way

He will kill me for having a boyfriend, kill Nick for dating his 'underaged' daughter and then kill Bethany for taking me to that party because that was where this whole shit started from hehe pretty crazy right? Yea my dad is that crazy.

Back to reality

"Yes" Nick nodded

So he told his mum about me? What did he tell her?

That there was this crazy girl that he was dared to kiss in a truth or dare game who ended up getting drunk and twerking infront of everybody and he ended up making a deal with?

Nah I doubt that

He wouldn't dare.

"Hi Mrs Melton I'm Cecil Ross" I introduced and immediately she rolled her eyes and I knew what was coming next

She was going to tell me not to call her Mrs Melton but to call her by her name, I don't know why mums always did this, seriously its embarrassing.

"Mrs Melton? Call me Carla" she joked

"Okay Carla" I smiled, I didn't have the strength to argue when it was obvious she was going win.

"Is Cecil your full name?" She asked

I get that question a lot, I don't know why people always asked that, they've forgotten that curiosity killed the cat.

"No its Cecilia but I actually hate the sound of that so I shortened it to Cecil" I replied trying to sound as polite as I could while deep down I was dying to rip this woman's head off.


"Mum we have to go" Nick cut in realizing his mum was about to blast me with questions.

"Okay sweetie call me if you need anything" she said and she turned and walked back to the kitchen.

"Lets go" Nick said dragging my wrist

"To where?"

"My room" he replied "don't you wanna see it?"

Of course I do you nit wit

I really want to see what my future boyfriends room looks like

Wait did I just say future boyfriend?

Hehe he's my boyfriend already

But your relationship is fake

Way to rub it in, I hate you subconscious

We took the stairs and I almost tripped when somebody pushed me and I looked back to see who it was and like magic a handsome blonde with green eyes appeared infront of me but before I could open my mouth to say something he spoke up first.

"Hi I'm Tobias. I do not like people I do not like humans so stay away from me and do not talk to me" then he shoved me away and walked past Nick roughly bumping into his shoulder.

"Don't mind him, he's my brother and he's always in a grumpy mood and today's not just his day" Nick spoke up.

Oh great he's his brother

Now I can see where Nick got his jerk traits from, it definitely runs in their blood.

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