"Thats what I wanted to talk to you's about. Stay here!." I replied, I headed out the door and into Zayn's room, "Zayn, come into Niall's room a second?"

When the three of them were sitting there infront of me I said to them, "You remember me telling you about that girl that I saw at our last concert?" They nodded.

"Well, she's here. I seen her outside the wee shop out on the deck and I invited her and her friend Katie out for dinner with us. Just casual. That okay?"

"Yeah, fine." Liam replied. Zayn nodded his head and smiled.

"As long as I get some thing in me stomach, I don't care who is with us!" Niall said smiling, "As long as I'm fed, I wouldn't care if it was Micheal Jacksons ghost sitting with us."

We all bust out laughing at Niall, always thinking through his stomch!

"You have til 7:30 to get ready." I said seriously, "We're meeting her outside in the corridor."

I ran back to my room, taking time to stop to listen to what was happening inside Gracie's room.

All I could her was the music channel blaring and girlish chatter;

"What should I wear?" and "Should I wear lots, some or no make up?" and "Awk, I can't wear this!"

I quickly ran to my own room, thinking I heard some one come to the door, and ran striaght to my wardrobe to find some thing formal but casual. awhhhh?!?


I have never freted so much over what to wear going out to dinner with a girl. I sounded like the girls!?

I showered and finally decided on wearing my black skinny jean's, white round neck tee and my half buttoned up checked shirt. I flipped my hair about until I was happy with it and then hairsprayed it to keep it in place.

I was ready just after 7:15 so I decided to check in on the boys. As I walked into the hall, the boys were already there. They stood there looking quite nice if I say so myself.

They scrub up well, I thought.

"We look fit," Zayn said as I walked out the door, locking my room. I noticed that he was wearing his usual, skinny jean's and a varisty jacket.

Louis was wearing a blue and white stripey tee and a pair of red chino's. Niall was wearing skinny jean's and a hollister tee and wearing one of his many base ball caps. Liam was wearing a checked shirt buttoned up to the top and a pair of jean's.

We were talking amongst ourselves when I heard a click of a door. My head whipped round to see two girls walking out of room 8.

They were gorgeous. Gracie was gorgeous.

"You look.." I was lost for words, her long brown hair swung around her face as she blushed.

"I know, I look horrid," she said sadly.

"No, I was about to say, you look beautiful," I said senserly, "Both of you!"

I looked Gracie in the eye and her blush got even deeper. so damn cute!

"Gracie, this is Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis," they each gave a slight wave as I said their names.

Gracie and her friend smiled and shook each of their hands, Niall's staying a little longer on Gracie's friends hand, he winked at her.

"Boys, this is my friend Katie." she said sweetly, her eyes turned to Katie, "Hi" she said.

We walked down the deck, me talking to Gracie and Niall talking to Katie. We got to the resturant, China City. We walked in and sat down and ordered.

As the meal went on, Gracie opened up to me a bit more. She told me about her family and her friends. She told me about her intrests and what she liked to do; sing and play guitar.

"Enough about me Harry," she said, smiling and looking into my eyes, "Tell me about yourself."

I smiled, "Well, as you may have noticed, I am in world famous boy band, One Direction. I travel around the world prefor-" she interupted me?

"No, I know all that," she said sternly,"I know about the famous Harry Styles. I know what you are like as the famous Harry Styles. Tell me about," she paused, "Tell me about Harry, just plan Harry."

I looked around at the boys, they were chatting away to Katie and laughing amongst themselves. I grabbed Gracie's hand. She looked shocked.

"Em, guys?" I started, "Em, me and Gracie are going for a walk, you okay here?"

They smiled and nodded.

I grabbed her hand again and walked out with her, walking hand in hand.

I heard the boys wolf whistle and shout "Get in there Hazza!!" and "Go on my son!"

Gracie just laughed.

We walked over to the side of the boat, looking down at the ocean below us. We lent against the railing. I noticed she was shivering in her knock out outfit, showing of just a little chest, so i took of my blazer and put it over her shoulders.

"Thanks. So," she said, "Do I get to, get to know the real Harry Styles?" she smiled, her eyes sparkling.

"Well, em. What do you want to know?" I smiled back at her.

She replied, "Tell me how you feel, how the 'no privacy' thing makes you feel."

I paused before answering her, thinking what to say.

"Well, half of the time I feel like I am the luckest guy on the planet; lots of money, massive house, every thing I ever wanted at my finger tips, pretty girls," I paused, looking at her, "But then, the other half of the time, I feel like I am the unluckest guy in the world. I have no private life what-so-ever. I never see my family, and when I do, I have screaming fans in my face. Don't get me wrong Gracie, I love our fans and we wouldn't be where we are without them, but sometimes, they go a wee bit far. And if I get a girlfriend," pausing looking at her again, "I'm so scared of her breaking up with me 'cuz she can't handle the fans."

I was nearly in tears. Why was I telling this to a total stranger? I think I am falling for her...

"Harry, I know I am a total stranger and I've bearly known you 5 minutes, but I understand how I feel." she paused, rubbing my arm, "And I know its not the same, but I have no private life in my family. I don't bring freinds round 'cuz I'm afraid my parents would act up or embaress me."

I smiled down at her and hugged her.

"Thank you for listening," I said quietly.

She was looking up into my eyes. I was looking deep into her's. I felt our bodies getting closer and our faces coming together. I was about to press my lips to her's when-

"Whhoooo!! Get in there Harry!!" The boys shouted, "Get in there!"

"Go on Gracie!!" Katie shouted winking at Gracie.

"Go on! Kiss her!" Zayn started, whilst Louis started making kissing noises.

Gracie blushed and looked down at her feet. "Sorry," I whispered into her ear.

We smiled and walked down towards our corridor.

"Again, Thanks for listening Gracie." she smiled and blushed as we arrived outside our rooms.

"Its seriously no bother Harry, Goodnight." she stood on her tip toes and pecked me on the cheek.

As she did this, tingling went through my whole body, I swear I saw fireworks even with this simple kiss.

She smiled and backed into her cabin, "Goodnight Harry" she teased...

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