Chapter Three

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"Good job getting away from the girls" Plagg said sarcastically. Adrien rolled his eyes. "Yeah Yeah. Claws out" he instructed.

"Marinette. Adrien's Alright. I promise" Alya said, rubbing her Bestfriend's back. They made their way back to Alya's house. "He's not picking up Alya. Can you check the News website again?" Marinette pleaded.

Alya sighed and nodded. She checked the website and gulped. "Ladybugs no where to be seen. Chat Noir doesn't look like he can hold out much longer" Nadia said, filming the whole thing on her smartphone.

Marinette gasped and bring the monitor to her face. She almost cried for the third time today when she saw Chat. His suit was torn. "His suit is meant to be indestructible" Alya tutted. Marinette shook her head. She faked that her mother was texting her to come home. Alya didn't thoroughly believe her, but made Marinette promise that she would call her when she got back home. Marinette nodded and dashed from Alya's house into a nearby Alleyway and transformed.

"Chat!" Ladybug yelled as soon as she got to where the Akuma was. The villain was hovering over Chat, holding his wrist. "Don't you dare!" Ladybug yelled, swinging her yo-yo and knocking the villain off. She ran over beside him and touched his face. "C-Chat?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. He wasn't responding.

"Chat? Chat!" She cried, holding him up and crying. He felt cold. She moved him away from the scene. Before running off to beat the villain, she stared at him, tears still running down her face. Cupping his face, she delicately placed her lips on his forehead.

Breaking the object that the Akuma was held in, it fluttered out and tried to escape. Ladybug cleansed it. "Miraculous Ladybug" She said, with no energy left. The damage was repaired. She wiped her sweaty brow and pulled her loose pigtails tighter.

"Ladybug?" He asked. Her eyes widened. She stood up and smiled. "Chat!" She yelled before turning around. She whipped her head around and gasped. "A-Adrien?" She asked. He blushed. "Are you Alright, Ladybug?" She nodded and swung off, leaving Adrien confused.

Adrien landed in his bed. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Plagg knew where the Camembert was kept, so he happily munched away while his holder slept.

A few hours later, Natalie came skidding into Adrien's room and shook him. "N-Natalie? What time is it? What's wrong?" Adrien Asked. Natalie shook her head. "Come downstairs. She's here. Your mother is here" She said, slightly out of breath.

Adrien's eyes widened. After so long? She just reappeared out of nowhere? His heart was pounding away like a steam train chugging on the tracks. He combed his hair with his fingers and practically dashed down the hallway. Gabriel stood at the foot of the stairs, a sickened look spread across his face. Adrien bounded through the halls, bending over the banister.

He gasped as he saw the blonde haired, green eyed woman looking at Gabriel with a soft expression. "Mom! Mom!" Adrien cried, dashing down into his mother's arms. She started to cry as she squeezed him back. Adrien sobbed on her shoulder, not ever wanting to let go.

Gabriel put a hand on his shoulder and pried him off. Adrien dried his eyes and glared at Gabriel. Emilie wiped her eyes with the back of his hand. "What are you doing here, Emilie?" Gabriel tutted. Adrien felt sick. Why was he doing this to her? Shouldn't they be a proper family again?

"I had to come and see my boy. Gosh, I should call you my little man since my little boy's all grown up. Your so handsome, no wonder your a model sweetie. Have you got a pretty little girlfriend, eh?" Emilie joked. Adrien blushed. "You've seen me model?" Adrien gasped. She nodded.

"Alexandra does like to stare at the magazines a lot. She pictures herself as a model too. When she's older, I hope to get her into modeling. She's a pretty little thing" Emilie smiled. Her smile dropped when she met Adrien's eyes. He looked stunned. Her wide eyes immediately met Gabriel's soon after. "Who's Alexandra?" Adrien Asked, his voice quivering.

"Y-You didn't tell him?" She shrieked. "Because the truth hurts Emilie" Gabriel snapped. He placed a hand on Adrien's left shoulder. Emilie bit her lip. "Alexandra is my daughter, Adrien" Emilie said. Adrien's eyes widened. He always wanted a sibling! "M-my sister?" Adrien gasped, his eyes sparkling.

An awkward silence filled the cold room. "No. She's not your sister" Emilie sighed. Adrien felt sick. He shook his head while Gabriel looked at him with a sad look. He couldn't bear to look at his mother. Turing away, he ran back up the stairs, slamming his bedroom door and locking it.

He sank down in to the floor, clutching his hands. He started to cry loudly, tears streaming down his face. Plagg woke up and was surprised to see Adrien in this state. He comforted the boy and waited until he tired himself out. Plagg led Adrien to Adrien's bed and struggled to pull a blanket up on the boy but nonetheless successfully did so. He truly cared for the boy.

Somewhere in Paris, Marinette prayed, hoping that Chat was ok and that the Akuma didn't permanently hurt him.

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