Prologue: This is a Story...

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There are so many things that can be so interesting as you live. The things we believe, the things we want and do, those who share what they have in mind. This is a miracle given to us humans. It is to think about what we do on a daily basis, our lifestyle, this brainpower is a gift to us.

But one time, those nice things we have, they have fallen out of every people's mind.

The following days, things are something unbelievable. More news is shown around the world regarding chaos happening in the whole world.

Countries declaring war, genocides, and terrorism around the world, famine, and innocents being slaughtered. They were all occurring within a single day!

What a world we live in now... And this country is the only surviving land untouched by chaos. I would not believe this peace will not last forever. Someday, this country will fall into chaos and the Earth shall draw forth unto death.

The day rises as the rays of dawn shines in the sky. I woke up seeing myself in bed. The morning light shines through the window as it glares into my eyes. It really hurts though. My black hair is all messed up. Ah, I'm struggling with my hair. This deadlock body can't move. If that's the case, I'll be forcing myself.

"Ugh, seems like I didn't get some sleep," I said as I rub my itchy eyes. I yawn as I stand myself up and did a little stretching to start the day. I did have that scowl all over my face. But hey, I'm a nice person in heart.

I went down the stairs while carefully stepping on them. My kitchen is full of equipment even how many times I said that to myself. Everything is organized and in order. Seeing the kitchen made my stomach growl, guess that made me laugh a little though. Maybe I haven't eaten that much yesterday.

Now I cooked my breakfast at this time, and it's so nice for me even I barely know how to cook.

Now everything is done, what came in my mind is finding the plates which I'm gonna use. That's weird, I suddenly forgot where I placed my plates. So I opened every cabinet I see around my small kitchen. Seconds have passed and finally, I found my plates in a certain cabinet I didn't think I placed in the first place. When did I start being so forgetful?

I place my hands under the plate while getting the food with a spatula. Uhh, my serving isn't that satisfactory.

Yes, my cooking isn't that tasty. But what's important is that my stomach is full. So I finished eating and decided to wash the dishes I used to eat.

But there's something wrong... As I was scrubbing the plate and spoon, something appeared on the running water.

I-I-It's a shadow?! No! Don't get near me!

I'm too stiff to move, some sweat flows down in my head, the spoon I'm washing drops on the floor, making a loud metal sound, rising my tension which could make my hands shake.

"Begone! Get away from me!" I let out a loud shout to the shadow. Seconds later as I stand stiff in grudge, the shadow then dissolves like smoke. I still couldn't move even seeing the shadow flow with the air above me. Now that the shadow is gone, something came into my mind.

No! Not again. This time, it's pain! Ah! It hurts!

The plate I'm holding falls then makes a loud ear-splitting sound as it spins like a top.

I let myself hold onto my hair, letting out force like I was pressing my head. Sting lashes out as if there's something in my head that I couldn't let go. Eyes closed and my teeth really clenched, this is not going well for me.

In this misery, a soft voice passes through my ears, it is the voice of a female. Sweet, soothing and soft as she speaks through my mind.

"This world will someday meet its demise. There is no stopping it." She said.

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