16.Forgiveness & Goodbyes

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It was Wednesday afternoon and we were all in the assembly hall waiting for our last assembly in secondary school. 5 years in this shitty school, but this is where I met my best friends and my first girlfriend, as well as having my first ex.

We were all in the hall sitting in a row it went me, Lauren, Zayn, Dinah,Kevin Justin then Jessica." You guys are the best, I'm so grateful for you guys getting me through secondary school," I announced I got hit with a lot of awes and thanks and hugs. " I hope that I see you guys in the future, I love you guys!" We shared one last embrace.We decided that we were gonna announce which college we were going to at the end of the day after dinner.

Just pretend you've done your GCSE'S and already got your grades and you know what college you're going to!

As the assembly was taking place i noticed that Camila was nowhere to be found, I figured that maybe she was just sick and took the day of. Then I saw her walk onto stage holding a guitar, people started clapping and all my friends eyes were on me, but I kept my eyes glued to Camila.

" Hey guys it's me Camila, I can't belive that even though I only came this year I manged to make it through this year and I've met so many great people, but one person stood out to me, she was my everything and me being an absolute idiot I had to ruin that and this person wasn't just a person, they were my happiness and I hope that person knows that I'd do anything to have them back,." I gulped while looking at Camila, then I heard Dinah whisper to me " this is for you"

I saw Camila switch the board screen and saw a montage of pictures me and her had taken together, I remember all of them, our first date in my garden,she told me the garden was the best bit.When we were in school she took a picture of us holding hands underneath the table in English, and a shit load of prom photos together.The memory of our first date put a smile on my face. I remember everything like it was yesterday.

Play the Chris Brown song.....

She took a seat on a stool with a mic stand and started singing while strumming the guitar.As she was singing she would look at me then look away, I think that if she tried looking at me the whole time, she would break down in tears.The way she was singing with such passion with her eyes closed was intriguing and I kept my eyes glued to hers. As she was singing the bridge she looked me in the eyes the whole time and that took me back to prom day.I'll never forget that, the way that she made my day a whole lot better, the way she told me she wanted to get married and have kids, she's done so much for me, like how she's been saying sorry and stuff, I don't care about Shawn, i really do miss her even tho its only been a day but at the same time that only means that I really need her in my life.

We have been through so much together and I really do mean it when I say I don't picture myself with anyone else, she's all I really want, even though what happened happened, she'll always be my Camila

And i,I would never try to deny
Cause you're my whole life
And if you ever let me go
I would die
So I won't front
I don't need another woman
I just need your all and nothing
Cause if I got that
And I'll be straight
Baby your the best part of my day.

The whole time she kept her eye contact with me, she wouldn't look away once and she looked at me the same way she was looking at me on prom day, and mine started to tear up.When she finished the song everyone was looking at me but I didn't care, my eyes were still stuck on her.Then Bryson tiller started playing.

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