Trick or Treat (Commander Gastly-Winner)

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I was resting on the couch watching my favorite Halloween movie. It was getting to the best part; the monster was slowly approaching the victim's front door.


Darn trick-or-treaters.

I opened the door to a young man with glasses wearing a hoodie. He carried two hatchets and blood dripped from his mouth down to his chin.

"Trick or treat," he said.

"Excellent Ticci-Toby costume." I handed him a couple pieces of Copyright Free Candy Bar.

He looked at the treats than back at me. "What? No ice cream?"

"Excuse me?"

He raised his hatchet. "My boss treated you to ice cream." The hairs on the back of my neck rose, warning me of danger. I dodged just as he slashed with hatchet. "You tricked Slender Man and sent him away to an interdimensional prison!!" He clopped downward, but he only got the floor as I rolled away. "But don't worry, ah-ha-ha-ha! I'm here to bury the hatchet. IN YOUR SKULL!!" He swung again, this time getting a lamp. He smacked a nearby chair as I parkour over it. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find creepypasta proxy work nowadays?" I jumped to my coffee table as he threw his hatchet into my couch. "The only one hiring now is Zalgo." He smashed my coffee table in half with his spare hatchet as I jumped clear. "But, he wouldn't hire me!" Toby stopped for a moment; his head jerked with a tic. "'Not enough experience,' he said. How am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me?!"

"Dude," I said, "if that's the problem, why don't you do like everyone else that can't find a job and start a MyVideo channel and become an MVP [MyVideo Personality]?"

Toby paused for a moment. His eye twitched followed by an arm. "That could work."


Toby, Bandit (my dog), and I gathered around the kitchen table. I turned on a holographic screen and opened my ArtHut design app. "First, we'll need a profile pic." I turned to Ticci-Toby. "Any ideas?"

"I was thinking a hatchet dripping blood against a white background."

"Uh...interesting idea. How about a channel banner?"

"A field of skulls caked with blood."

"Hmm-hm. Any idea what the channel would be about?"

"A vlog detailing the deaths of my many victims. I could showcase the ways I stalked and tortured them before ultimately stabbing them to death."

"Probably not a good idea."

Toby grabbed one of his hatchets and swung it awfully close to my head. "And why is that a bad idea?"

"MyVideo would demonetize you."

He slowly lowered the hatchet. "Hmm, yes, I could see how that could be bad for me." He scratched his head for a moment. "How about I do book and movie reviews? It could be called 'The Hatchet Job.'" I gave a timid thumbs-up.

"Now how do we promote it?"

"Oh! I know! A giveaway! The winner could join me on a fun-filled night of murderous revenge as we hunt down all those who tormented and mocked them."

"Orrr...word of mouth."


"Thanks for your help, Joe," Toby said with a wave before leaving.

I turned to Bandit. "Why do I have the feeling I created a more frightening monster?"

 "Why do I have the feeling I created a more frightening monster?"

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Words: 555

Entry for the Camp Nightmare "Commander Ghastly" prompt

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