11 | falling for your every feature

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"when we spoke and you smiled at me, I couldn't think straight for the rest of the day. it was unforgettable.

I smile down at the note as I make my way through the crowd of students on my way to my maths class.

I'm almost there when I knock off the shoulder of one of the girls gossiping from a few days ago and yes, she is still gossiping.

She simply looks at me before smiling and waving me off as I apologise for my carelessness frantically. I laugh a little before I turn around and walk on.

I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day...

'Ya! Zhi Ruo you over cooked frogs leg, why didn't you wait for me? I had to walk by myself!' Hyojin hit me in the arm, scowling as she took her seat beside me.

'Sorry, I got distracted...' I bowed my head and laughed a little.
'By what?' She tilts her head, resting her chin on her hand as the teacher enters.

'Nothing.' I lie. I didn't want to share what the note said but rather keep it to myself.

Maths chugged along like an asthmatic train before finally the bell signalled the end of the class. And to think it was only first class...

We made our way to Social Studies and sat at our small wooden desks before Miss Oh announced that she would be changing the seating plan. Again.

She directed the last word in our direction and by our I mean Jaemin, Haechan, Renjun and I.

We stood at the back once again and awaited our names to be called.

Jaemin now sat beside Jin Ae, Hyojin and Chenle we're now together which they undoubtedly were ecstatic about. Haechan sat beside the girl whom I had seen in the corridor gossiping which she wasn't too happy about, but then again who would be sitting next to someone like Haechan.

And Jisung sat beside Amara who's hair was slightly damp and she didn't focus at all on the class but more on trying to burn holes in Haechan's back with the glare she was giving him.

Hadn't he thrown water over her?

And me? I sat beside the boy who's every feature I was falling for.

It was only now I began to notice how he ran a finger along under his eye when he became nervous or how his perfect light brown hair always fell into his face causing him to push it away with his hand every few minutes. I only began to notice how his cocoa brown eyes lit up when he talked about the things he liked or when he talked he would use hand gestures because he didn't know what to do if he didn't.

I was beginning to fall for him. Hard.

As I looked out the window of the Social Studies classroom my mind began to wonder how I could talk to him without really talking to him because even the slightest glance at him gave me butterflies.

I reached into my pockets and leaned back in my seat as my hands traced the familiar shape of the lollipop.

That's it!

I'll leave him a post it note in his locker, written somewhat similar to the notes I was receiving, along with something else because a lollipop is too obvious seeing him and all of his friends know about it.

What could I use then?

I looked over at him, his head leaning on his fist, his mouth open slightly and small snores escaping his mouth.

I resisted the urge for the butterflies in my stomach, that were itching to escape, to fly out and flutter around the classroom and signal just how fluttery he made me feel.

I looked at his page settled in front of him that was decorated in various cute sketches and decided that I would go to the convenience store after school to buy some stationery suited to his cute drawings.

The bell rang and when he didn't rise I poked his shoulder slightly, bolts of electricity pumping through my veins as he opened his eyes a little and, in realising why he had been woken, bid me farewell in a raspy tired voice before gathering his books and moving on to his next class.

I too got up and went to my Art class as Hyojin talked about how great the new seating arrangements were but I wasn't listening. I was planning.

Planning on what I would write on my first note to Huang Renjun.

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