Chapter 16: The Team Departs

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After having discussed the plan with Lord Nick on the second floor, the Magister descended back into the hall where Danielle and Riza waited for him impatiently.

"Well, what's the decision?" Riza hastily asked.

"I've discussed Lord Wagner's powers with Lord Nick. I decided that you and I will go alone, Riza. As for your mother, she will remain in our mansion under Lord Nick's supervision while I'm gone".

Riza nodded, agreeing upon the Magister's decision. Danielle sighed and hugged her tightly:

"Please, be careful..."

"I will, mom. Don't worry," Riza hugged her back.

"Let's head out," Edmund put on his brown cloak and was prepared to leave when he heard a determined voice:

"I'm coming too!"

He surprisedly raised his eyebrow and turned back, to see Tiger who was standing there boldly, all of her three pets gathered around her.

"You are not fit for the battle that awaits us, Tiger. I don't want you to get hurt".

"Duh! My pets and I have worked hard. We will be useful!"

"I said no".

"No fair! Riza is my sis and I must help her!"

"What if I come too? I can assist Tiger," Tamie cut in, "We two have fought together before too, so I think we can make it".

"Yeah, you fought together and got your necks broken, both of you. I don't want to risk my brethren in such a dangerous battle as this one".


"No buts!" Edmund now got furious, glaring at them, "You both are staying!"

"They're coming".

All of the friends looked at the stairs leading to the second floor - Nick was standing there.

"Huh? You want to doom your sister in a battle against the Aquarius Celestial Lord?!" Edmund couldn't believe his ears.

"Not against Lord Wagner himself, but because you rarely think ahead, Ed, you still haven't been able to achieve Sage rank yet. Do you think Wagner will let you in just like that? You will need to defeat his minions first. Tiger, as a Tamer Class, is a good match against multiple minions, as her pets can aid her and increase numbers. Same goes for Tamie - she is a Writer Class, so she can summon help with her scroll and ink-brush".

"But she's still Scribbler rank and only level five, she can summon only inanimate objects now!"

"She'll get better when she fights, not when she sits at home. Take her with you. Trust me," Nick smiled proudly, sure of his sister's might. Edmund watched him for a while, but then sighed and swung his hand:

"Fine, let's go..."

"Hurrah!" Tamie and Tiger gave each other a high-five. "Thank you so much, Nick!"

"Take care out there! Also," Nick's countenance suddenly turned grim, "no matter what happens Tamie, do not call him, okay? Call me if you see any serious danger".

Tamie widened eyes in fright as she guessed whom he meant under 'him', but then she beamed and nodded:

"I will!"

Thus, once they bade goodbye to each other, Edmund led the three girls and Tiger's three pets out of the mansion, and when the gates closed behind them, he wove a hand sign and cried:

"Rooster Spirit, Ring Four - White Air Peacock!" a giant White Peacock spirit silhouette embraced him, put him into its central core, and squealed, unfolding its wings.

"Rooster Spirit, Ring Four - White Air Peacock!" a giant White Peacock spirit silhouette embraced him, put him into its central core, and squealed, unfolding its wings

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"So this is the famous White Peacock Spirit only Air element Rooster spirits can achieve..." Tamie mumbled. "And it is this big?"

"Cool..." Tiger was dumbfounded.

"It is gorgeous..." Riza was amazed as well.

"Climb on. We shall fly there. I know my spirit is beautiful but we've got no time for admiration now". 

Riza sighed with annoyance - all in all, he was still that stuck-up nerd in the end...

The girls and the three pets ran up the giant Peacock spirit's cloudy white, red-spotted tail and soon appeared on its back, while Edmund remained in its core, as the spirit was his. When he got assured all of the team members were on the Peacock's back, he made the spirit swing its wings and flew up high, going to the south-west at a full speed – the speed of the wind itself.


The girls felt happy riding the giant White Peacock spirit. Riza's heart was beating nervously - she knew her destiny was being decided right now. She had clutched the Peacock spirit's shadowy feathers and greatly hoped it would all work out and she'd remain free. This lust for freedom while having the spirit's feathers clutched, could not remain unnoticed by Edmund Jaeger, who shared his body with the spirit now...

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