Chapter 1

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Neil's POV

I was sitting in my Mumbai office and was busy listening to Sara, my personal assistant. She was telling me about my today's schedule when suddenly my phone started vibrating. I asked Sara to get me a file from a nearby shelf. I took my phone and saw in the notification section that showed that my dad had sent me a watsapp message. It read-

"Neil, we have got an important deal to crack. It's a very profitable deal. So, I want you to cancel all your meetings for today and come to paradise hotel because that is the place where the meeting is supposed to take place. I have come to Mumbai and right now i am sitting with that client. I will see you at paradise hotel at 3 pm sharp."

I read the message and sighed and informed Sara to cancel all the meetings for today. I finished my remaining work and went to paradise hotel at 2:50 sharp. I am a very punctual businessman who doesn't like to make anyone wait and also does not tolerate if anyone makes me to wait.

I reached the hotel and straight away went to the conference room. But to my surprise no one was there. I took out my phone and called dad and he asked me to come to the garden view restaurant of this hotel. Without wasting any time I went to the restaurant.

I saw that dad, my two beloved brothers - abay and jai , mom and granny were all sitting there. Also an old man, old woman and a young lady were there who were sitting with them. But wait! Wasn't it supposed to be a business deal? And if yes then what the hell were granny , mom and jai doing here. As soon as my father saw me he passed me a warm smile and indicated me to come and sit beside him.

Then we did some business talks. Then dad said,
" Neil, why don't you just go to the garden and have a chat with Sneha, Mr Desai's daughter."
I shifted my gaze to that young lady who was smiling and was more than willing to go with me. Hmm! After all I have such a charm that no women can resist me. With this I smirked and tried my best to say no to dad. But in return he gave me a cold glare.

So, half heartedly I went with her to the garden.

Sneha: So Neil! Let me introduce myself to you. Well I am Sneha Desai. Currently I am pursuing a crash course for bcom. So, what are your hobbies?

Neil: Well I am totally a workaholic person who keeps on working and working on. But besides that I love painting.

Sneha: Oh so tell me something about your likes and dislikes.

Neil's POV
Ah! Why is this girl asking me so many questions.

Neil: Well I love black and grey colour. I love to buy every new car that comes into market. I highly dislike those people who are late or do not complete their work on time.

Sneha: Well , that's something cool! So do you have any bad habits like smoking or drinking.

Neil: That's enough! I can't understand one thing that why the hell are you asking me so many questions. Can't you just realise from my cold behaviour that I don't want to talk to you.

Sneha: ( almost shouting) Who do you think yourself to be huh ? I am just asking all these questions because I want to know each and every quality present there in my life partner.

Neil: What life partner??

Sneha: Oh please stop acting as if you don't know anything about it.

Neil gets suprised as well as angry. He grabs Sneha's wrist roughly and drags her back to the restaurant.

Neil: Dad! You lied to me? You told me that this was supposed to be a business deal and now when I finally come here on your call, all I get to know is that you have fixed my marriage proposal without my consent. Dad I am not gonna marry her!

Ashutosh (Neil's dad): Neil, son! this is not what you are thinking about. All of us firmly believe that you should now start your new life i.e. married life.

Neil: No dad! Mr. and Mrs. Desai, I strongly believe that my family has not yet told you about my habits. I am a person who drinks, smokes and the one who has fucked many girls on my bed. In short, I have no such qualities which a girl expects to be there in her future husband. After knowing all these stuff are you still willing to give your daughter's hand in marriage to me. Sneha! You are definitely a sweet girl who deserves someone better than me. So all the best for your future!

Mr Desai: Ashutosh! There is nothing left for me to say anymore. All I can say that the deal is now cancelled

Mr Desai and his family leave from the there.Mr Ashutosh Malhotra looks with redshot eyes towards Neil and says,

Ashutosh: Neil , till date I had always been proud of you . But today you really made be embarrassed in front of my clients. Neil I had given my word to them that you will marry their daughter.
I repeat that I had given my word to them.

Neil: Dad! I can understand that you have given your word to them. But I have already given my name to someone else.

Entire Malhotra family get surprised and confused.

Bebe: Neil puttar! What are you trying to say?

Neil: Guys! This is not the correct place to discuss about all these things. Let's go to my mansion where I will tell you the entire truth.

In Nysha mansion ( neil's home)

Rashmi (Neil's mom) : Neil! Please tell us the truth. Don't kill us with your silence.

Neil points his finger towards a sketch of a young and beautiful girl.

Jai: Bhai! Who is this girl!

Neil: Ayesha Neil Malhotra.

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