Author's Note

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Het guts, i'm currently on a short vacation with my uncle and aunt, Turing this on their iPad (with Dutch autocorrect haha lol poop) but yeah. I'll be home wednesday so i'll probs update wednesday or Thursday. Also, Sunday I'm leasing for France for 10 days, maybe I'll ask someone to update for me, or else there won't be an update for a while. Maybe saturday night but yeah i'm not sure yet.

So please, stick with me :) i really appreciate you al Reading and voting and commenting and al That <3 thank you al :) i'll probably be writing when i'm in France yayay haha

Also, I have a question :p

Would iT be an idea to write (part's of) chapters from Tylers point of view? I'm not. sure, i Geus iT could work out, (i won't do too many) but i just throughout i'd ask for your opinions.

Pleaaaase let me know haha :)

Love y'all :)

P.s. Please wattpad dont Kees this up lol dont delete everything again bc i'd hate you, wattpad. Sincerely, Ilse.

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