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                               Dedicated to @ama

I was so terrified, I started running, I ran as fast as I could away from the camp
I saw teenagers my age being torn apart,throats slashed and their blood splattered everywhere.
The camp fire went out completely
I ran till I was deep in the woods, my shoes are all worn out and black cause of the dirt. The woods is dark and I can barely see.
I could hear the wolves howling and snarling from behind,but the most shocking part of it all is I have had a vision of this incident before. It's like dejavu

I tripped on a log and fell,tears came pouring out from my eyes.
Am scared,so scared, I just wanna go home back to my mother and baby sister.

The wolves are getting close, I could hear them
I moved backwards crawling as fast as I can till I hit something or someone solid and I screamed."shhssh" the person said, I think it's Darlyl the school's head prefect.
He's tall,handsome ahh Holland just shut up already.

"Daryl " I whispered "get off your butt and run" he said
"But what about you" I asked "you didn't think of me when you started running so now don't think of me,run,run now!!" He yelled,I got up and stared "get the fuck outta here!!!!" He yelled and I started running."get ready daryl he said to himself.

I ran till I was on the road and I heard Daryl Yell and the wolf howl.
I almost got ran over by a jeep. I placed my hand on my ears and was waiting for death.

Peter's pov

"Hey,hey look up are you okay?" I asked her as I got down from the jeep
"Mr McCall" I cried and he hugged me
"It's okay kid ,let's go you will tell me everything later" I carried her and placed her in the backseat of the jeep and covered her with my jacket.
I drove home and rang the bell.
My daughter opened the door
"Dad?,Holland? Dad what happened to her" Kristen asked
"I found her on the road and almost hit her,she's in serious shock" I answered
"Let's take her to my room" Kristen replied and locked the door behind me as I entered.
We rushed upstairs to Kristen's room
"Rush downstairs and get the thermometer and a bowl of hot water and rag " I told Kristen as I placed Holland on the bed.

Kristen's pov
I rushed downstairs immediately
I opened the cabinet to get the thermometer from the first aid kit.
I poured water into the kettle and plugged it so it can boil
I leaned on the counter and was waiting impatiently for the water when I heard tapping sounds on my window.
I opened the window and saw nothing, I closed the window and I heard tapping again,but instead I just ignored.
The kettle started whistling which is a sign that it's fully boiled
I took a bowl from the cabinet and poured the hot water inside,I turned on my heels and was by the stairs when the front door flung open.
Am pretty sure I locked that, moved carefully to the door and closed it locking It twice. I turned round and it opened again,I sighed in a frustrating way and was about to lock the door when something swished in and pulled me by my hair. I screamed but am not sure anyone heard cause I was far away from home.

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