Chapter 12

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I was currently packing my books preparing to leave school.

Nick texted me 5 seconds ago telling me to meet me at the school parking lot.

Looks like we were going to ditch school, something I'd never done. But it was all for the better, cus I was going to end that stupid deal but what he called me for better be worth it.

"Hey" Nick greeted waving at me

Am I the only one or did anybody notice he didn't call me nerd? Okay that's weird but yea lets just go with the flow

"Hi" jerk I greeted back waving at him too.

"Get on" he commanded pointing to his bike


"Don't you know why I called you out here?" He asked pretending to be suprised "I called you out to ditch school nerd"

Poor me, for a minute I thought he was changed but there he goes again calling me nerd he's such a jerk but either way I'm going to end this stupid deal and we'll both part ways cus just like Loveth said nothing can fix a broken heart.

He tossed me a helmet snapping me out of my thoughts

"Get on"

"Don't you have a car or something?"

"Well I do no to be exact I have three cars" he boasted "but I prefer taking my bike anything the problem?"

Boastful jerk

"Yea I don't think my life's safe you"

"Really nerd? If I wanted to kill you I'd have done it a long time ago but as the gentleman I am I didn't and I won't so shut up and get on!"

"I still don't—

"For the last time shut up and get on" he sighed tiredly

"Yes your majesty" I bowed getting on

Stupid bike!

"hold on tight" he said starting the engine

"Yes your maje—"

"Cut it with the majesty crap, I'll rather prefer you call me baby" and with that he zoomed off and his words kept replaying in my head.

'I'll rather prefer you call me baby'

Seriously what is this boy doing to me? Why does he keep leading me on?

Because he's a player, that's what he does with other girls.

Then why do I think I'm special like somehow different?

Because you're a fool

Shut it! Stupid subconscious.

The bike came to stop and we got off, apparently he brought me to his house, this boy is full of suprises.

First it was the beach now its his house

What's next?

"Calm down nerd I brought you here for a reason" he said noticing my confused face

"Why?" I asked

"To meet someone— no sorry some people" he replied


"My family"

"Okay— wait what?

"Yup you heard me, my family. Come on inside mum's waiting" he said taking off his helmet.

"And just incase you've forgotten" he whispered coming closer to ms and I took a step back feeling my heart beat faster than its normal rate "you're still my girlfriend till after a month or the deal is over so come on over and meet my family" he said in a cheerful tone changing the mood "mum's waiting and I'm starving" he said looking down at his stomach and with that he disappeared into the house leaving me standing there in confusion.

Just when I was about to call off the deal he came up with something.

This boy is such a devil I just hope he's not up to something else.

Come on Cecil you can do this, after you meet his so called family you'll call off the deal right?.

Well its not as easy as it sounds but I'm going to try anyway.

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